15 of the BEST Seashores in Massachusetts

12 best beaches in Massachusetts to visit

M.Massachusetts, the birthplace of Chris Evans and Matt Damon, is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the United States. Its beauty has graced some of the world’s most famous films, such as The Next Karate Kid from 1994 and Adam Sandler’s comedy film Grown Ups.

Some of the most scenic spots in this state are Cape Cod, the House of Seven Gables, the Witch Museum, and Martha’s Vineyard. Since Massachusetts is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, there are a variety of beaches to visit.

If you’re a serial beach goer, these Massachusetts beaches will blow your mind:

Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This coast has 40 miles of crystal clear sand that the whole family can enjoy. In addition to the pristine salt water, you can also drive on the sandy beach and watch lighthouses.

Cape Cod’s long history is also at your disposal, making this beach even more worthwhile.

Cape Cod sand dunes on a cloudy day from Nicholas Bartos over UnsplashCape Cod sand dunes on a cloudy day from Nicholas Bartos over Unsplash

Chatham Lighthouse Beach

This public beach has been the irreplaceable favorite of many for decades. The powdery soft sand, abundant seal seeing, and scattered seashells are enough to captivate your senses.

If you are traveling with children, they will especially love the driftwood house and lighthouse. You don’t have to worry about shower rooms and toilets either, as the facilities here are great.

Coast Guard Beach

If you want to spend the day boogie boarding or surfing, this paradise is for you. The expansive shore is perfect for water sports, and the expansive beach is ideal for picnics. If you want to go for a walk you can also find holiday homes.

A free shuttle bus from nearby Donae Road is available every 5 to 10 minutes. It’s a bit of a walk from the shuttle to the beach but you don’t mind as the scenery is breathtaking.

If you need accessibility, the boardwalk is also useful. This beach is really for everyone who wants to relax and have fun.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach, Massachusetts by Vinphin via Wikipedia CCCrane Beach in Massachusetts By Vinphin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

For an experience like no other, take a dip on the calming shores of Crane Beach. Bird watching is an inevitable activity here as different species populate the area. Some endangered ones like the plover can also be seen here.

Feel free to bask in the sun and play with the soft sand that stretches for 1,200 acres. There are also plenty of dunes to enjoy.

This beach is especially famous for wildlife conservation, which is another reason to visit this adorable beach.

Duxbury Beach Park

Duxbury Beach Park by John Phelan via Wikipedia CCDuxbury Beach Park By John Phelan – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

This 7.5 mile stretch of beach is one of the most accessible and beautiful in Massachusetts! The first-class cleanliness is admired by all visitors and makes this beach one of the most family-friendly in the state.

There are also fantastic restaurants in the area that guarantee a pleasant stay. If you fancy an impromptu trip that is just plain fun, this place is perfect!

First meeting beach

This sea is in a historic location where the first encounter between Native Americans and pilgrims took place. The beach is nestled in Eastham’s pretty town which has some of the best views.

You’ll love the banks, which are kid-friendly and perfect for families who value safety while having loads of fun.

Good harbor beach

Good Harbor Beach photo via Sandpiper CottageGood Harbor Beach photo via Sandpiper Cottage

This glistening shallow Massachusetts beach is lined with soft sand that is ideal for kids. This is also perfect for visitors who want to walk and think or get active through beach volleyball.

There are also scheduled activities on the beach. Therefore, check the calendar before visiting. Management encourages visitors to keep the area clean by doing whatever they bring with them.

Herring Cove Beach

Herring Cove Beach photo by @waffleboy via Flickr CCHerring Cove Beach photo by @waffleboy via Flickr CC

If you want outstanding sunsets on the beach just a few miles from downtown, this is your best bet. Two parking spaces lead to the actual beach, which is extremely convenient.

You can relax and sunbathe at sunrise or exercise around the area on a bike. There are also food stalls in the area for you to recharge your batteries.

Horseneck Beach

Horseneck Beach photo by Leonardo Dasilva via Flickr CCHorseneck Beach photo by Leonardo Dasilva via Flickr CC

If you are more interested in camping this beach is great value for your trip. Whether you are in a tent, caravan or mobile home, the beach of this 3 km long beach has space for you.

Imagine slumbering under the seemingly endless night sky and awakening to oil-colored sunshine.

What makes this trip even better is the soothing sound of the beach waves. If that sounds great then this beach is a must-see for you.

Kalmus Beach

Kalmus Beach MAKalmus Beach MA

This epic beach has a wide shoreline with plenty of space for kids to run around and play kites. This place is also great for children and their desire to explore things around them.

What sets this beach apart is the steady breeze, which is appreciated by windsurfers and kiteboarders. If these activities are your thing, Kalmus Beach surely will!

Mayflower Beach

Mayflower Beach in MA Photo via DepositphotosMayflower Beach in MA Photo via Depositphotos

The wide stretch of fine sand on this beach is incredible. It has gained popularity with visitors of all ages. Children especially enjoy the shallow pools, while adults appreciate the quiet ambience.

The parking lot on this beach is convenient, with a boardwalk leading from the parking lot to the actual beach.

Nantasket Beach

This beach derives its name from a Massachusetts word, which means “low tide”. In the United States, this beach is known for having kid-friendly water levels that are loved by many families.

Due to the popularity of this sea, many hotels and facilities have been built in the area. You are sure to enjoy many activities and a variety of food on this beach.

Lovells Island

Lovells Island by @bostonphotosphere via Flickr CCLovells Island by @bostonphotosphere via Flickr CC

This secluded island in Hull, Massachusetts is one of the least crowded areas of the beach. Although there are few developments on this island, the clarity of the water and the tranquility of the sea cannot be denied.

If you want a nice and undiscovered vacation, this is the ideal place for you.

Malibu Beach

This beach near Savin Hill in Boston, Massachusetts has a bathhouse that adds ten times the fun.

The beach also has ball fields and playgrounds for those who want to take part in team games. There are on-call guards in the area to ensure a safe and fun vacation.

Sea Gull Beach

This exquisite beach in Yarmouth, Massachusetts is known for having seagulls roam its airspace. Aside from these wondrous sightings, sunbathers also love the fine and clean sand.

The water is pretty calm, which is great for a soothing swim. If you’re after a chill and some tan this is the beach for you.

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