15 Wine Consultants You Ought to Be Following on Instagram

No drink is more important than wine for the holiday season. With stay at home orders may be on the horizon, there is no better time to explore the world of wine through the eyes of the flavor makers who make it exciting.

Whether wine is a new hobby or a lifelong passion, there is always more to learn. Fortunately, we can now educate ourselves on social media at home. So why wait From certified sommeliers to journalists and podcasters to wine-loving jesters, these experts are here to share their knowledge, humor, great finds and much more.

Chasity Cooper

Chasity Cooper is a Chicago-based wine blogger, educator, and journalist who has contributed to a wide variety of publications (including VinePair). On her blog, Wine With Chas, Cooper teaches readers about wine in a “fun, non-intimidating way”. On her blog and Instagram profile, Cooper keeps the wine content fresh and educational.

Eric Asimov

Eric Asimov is a wine critic for the New York Times whose articles have educated readers for decades. It covers everything from wine basics to lesser-known wine regions. On his Instagram account, Asimov shares bottle shots of the wines he’s tasting, as well as his latest articles.

Rajat Parr

Rajat Parr is a sommelier turned winemaker who produces wines in California and Oregon. His wine club, the Raj Parr Wine Club, sends its members two broadcasts of its exclusive wines each year. Parr also shares his phone number with members whom he encourages to write him questions on any matter related to wine. As an avid Instagram user, Parr has multiple profiles on the platform that share photos of food, wine and agriculture.

Shakera Jones

Shakera Jones is a sommelier, activist, blogger, and podcast host. On her blog, Jones writes about everything from racism in the wine world to restaurant reviews. On her podcast, A Glass for Every Palate, Jones interviews influential wine professionals like Dwyane Wade about their lives and careers every week. On her feed, Jones shares delicious food shots, highlights black voices in wine, and reminds followers to “save water, drink champagne”.

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Thank you to everyone for checking out my weekly wine selection on @sommtv_streaming! I try the best I can to make the change that I want to see. There is much to learn, know and love about wine, but first and foremost it should be shared and enjoyed in fellowship and fellowship with others. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity and platform to work with so many other great wine professionals who work hard to make wine more accessible, diverse, inclusive, equitable, accessible and fun for others. I am committed to always bringing my authentic self to the party! I’m a little bit nerdy, a little bit goofy, sometimes clumsy (????), but always looking for knowledge and excited to share great food and great wine with others! ???? I am driven by a few very simple principles: ???? Representation ???? Kindness ????Equality ????Agency EMCommunity ????Empathy ????Integrity ????Possibility ????Advocacy ????Joy ???? I look forward to many more great wines, great food, great people and great stories to share (and laughs) with you all! ????: @ovonion ????: @brownestate, @ houseofbrown.wine ????: me ????????????

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Julia Coney

Julia Coney is a Washington, DC and Houston-based wine professional who serves as the editor of VinePair. Coney recently founded Black Wine Professionals, a resource that highlights black wine professionals, from sommeliers to retailers to educators and more. She has also written extensively on wine and has appeared on VinePair, Forbes, and beyond. On her Instagram page, Coney posts about the last bottles she drank, chats with wine pros on Instagram Live and shares her latest articles.

The Hue Society

The Hue Society is a community for “everything that has to do with black wine culture”. Founded by sommelier and entrepreneur Tahiirah Habibi, the group specializes in celebrating and connecting the black wine community, as well as supporting mentoring and improved access for under-represented minorities in the wine sector. The Hue Society shares funny videos on Instagram and uses its platform to highlight black wine professionals.

Sam Mushman

Sam Mushman is a man of many talents and can provide that much-needed laugh or that perfect glass of pinot. The NYC-based sommelier is the daytime food and beverage director and a stand-up comic by night. In fact, much of his comedy is wine-themed and pokes fun at professionals who take wine a little too seriously.

Philippe André

Philippe André, also known as @niquesomm, is a Chicago-based sommelier and U.S. ambassador for Charles Heidsieck Champagne. He is also the founder of Grand Cru and Co. and a board member of the United Somms Foundation. André goes live on Instagram for “Charlie Chats”, conversations with other wine professionals. Follow André for lots of fun, luxury and of course bubbles.

Black Girls Wine Society

The Black Girls Wine Society is a membership-based “social organization that provides opportunities for you to socialize, expand your taste buds, and develop sisterhood through rewarding experiences.” The Society hosts events and gatherings for its members, from yacht parties to to virtual tastings. The Instagram profile reflects the organization’s inclusive and fun community.

Vivian Rocillo

Those who like to travel can use Vivian Rocillo’s Instagram feed on their behalf. The Toronto-based sommelier travels the world, eats delicious food, takes Insta-worthy photos and of course tastes wine, because according to Rocillo’s biography “#Wine is a Lifestyle”.

The wine wankers

Drew and Conrad, also known as @winewankers, are wine lovers and bloggers who believe that wine should be served without pretension. The writers educate about wine through comedy and share wine tips, reviews, and more. The Wine Wankers post funny memes, beautiful wine photos and much more on Instagram.

Anna-Christina Cabrales

Anna-Christina Cabrales is a New York-based sommelier and former managing director and wine director of Morrell Wine Bar & Café. Cabrales now serves as an educator and consultant for Wine Unify, an organization promoting diversity and inclusion in the world of wine, and an educator for the Somm Society. She recently founded #SOMMATION, an organization where she works with other wine professionals to discuss important issues in the world of wine and hospitality and to highlight different voices in wine. On her Instagram page, Cabrales shares delicious food and wine photos and more.

Georgia Panagopoulou

Georgia Panagopoulou, or @ wine.gini, is a digital wine marketer and educator with one of the most-visited wine accounts on Instagram. In her feed, she shares travel photos, wine pairing tips and impressive wine vortices.

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Regine T. Rousseau

Regine T. Rousseau is a Chicago-based wine professional and the CEO and founder of Shall We Wine, a “powerhouse in experimental marketing, event planning, and media.” Rousseau founded the community with the aim of making the beverage world more accessible to everyone. On Instagram, Rousseau shares inspirational quotes, wine news and more.

Keith Beavers

Keith Beavers is a wine writer, podcast host, and tasting director at VinePair. Beavers never takes wine (or himself) too seriously and is here to educate his followers and listeners about wine in a fun, comprehensive, and easy-to-digest way. On Instagram, Beavers records his research for the Wine 101 podcast, shares ideas for festive wine pairings and much more.

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