17 Necessities to Know Earlier than Reserving Your Summer time Trip 2020

Summer vacation 2020? We don’t just want to go on vacation this summer, we REALLY need it. But where? We know what is allowed, but it seems our options are so limited, either because we don’t know what deal is open or what is still available.

The purpose of this section is not to explain the current government rules to you. I think my blogger Sophie from BB JetLag explains it all very well Post Office. I also don’t think you need another guide describing the tourist areas and their attractions. For example, the Quebec Holiday Guide contains a lot of relevant information without having to repeat everything here ????

What I want to do with you today is to Provide 17 important pieces of information before booking. I want to go further than what the newspapers and the internet say, say the real things and be more resourceful to give you really simple solutions!

17 important pieces of information before booking your 2020 summer vacation

As of June 16, 2020, we know that the Canada-US border will remain closed until July 21. In other parts of the world, many borders are open to tourists, mainly because the tourism industry is a large part of these countries’ economies, not because the risk of transmission has decreased.

Here are some very important things to consider when planning your vacation to the US, Canada, or any other country this summer.

Vacation and travel abroad in summer 2020

1. It is very likely that if If we go abroad, we may need to be quarantined. For example, the border in Hawaii has opened to visitors, but they must remain in quarantine without even being able to leave their hotel room for 14 days! You must have all meals brought to your room. Let’s hope the view from the balcony is breathtaking! If the visitor changes island, he has to start his quarantine again. Not necessarily interesting.

2. From June 4th Maine Visitors must be in voluntary quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. The same applies Massachusetts,and Vermont. Click here to see the details about other US states.

3. If quarantine is not mandatory, it is very likely that we will arrive at our destination forced to take a screening test. For example, Iceland offers to pay for the test, otherwise we have to pay for it. Vienna charges € 190 for 1 screening test.

4th. In addition to payable fees for this test it will be necessary to plan the time to perform the test, have it analyzed and communicate the results to us. When we travel as a family, these delays can vary per person. In Hong Kong, for example, travelers arriving from abroad were taken to a huge empty warehouse or bunker and spent about 8 hours on a wooden chair until the whole process was completed. Let’s ask ourselves if this is how our vacation should start.

On June 5, the UK government announced that it would begin testing a new rapid test, which, according to The Guardian, can process results on site in 20 minutes. The test is done with a swab and the results do not need to be sent to a laboratory, which saves a lot of time. Stay tuned…

5. We must also think that there is a risk that we will catch the Covid-19 abroad, and we have no idea if we will be one of those who are asymptomatic. There is a likelihood that the virus will make us sick, we may not be able to enjoy our vacation or, worse still, we will need care abroad and spend our vacation in the hospital,with the quality of care available at the destination. Also think about it: in normal times, if we are concerned about the language barrier when we are hospitalized, that stress is likely to be x1000.

6th. Since the Canadian government officially recommends avoiding non-essential travel abroad, this is ensured Travel insurance does not cover the risks associated with Covid-19. I know I know we have to travel to keep our sanity but unfortunately this is not recognized by the insurance companies yet lol. How much do you think it costs to be hospitalized for the Covid-19? I’ve done some research and it can cost anywhere from $ 34,000 to $ 73,000. It would be a very, very expensive vacation!

7th. Also very important: there may be a second wave at some point. So if you do Buy plane tickets for later and read the refund policy carefully in case you need to cancel your trip. And avoid FlightHub at all costs: even before the Covid-19, they did not refund airfares and even charged additional fees for allegedly processing flight cancellations. It’s a fact: They never refunded me for my 2019 flight, and we’re in 2020. And they charged me an additional $ 300 to “process” my refund.

8th. Finally, that The Canadian government mandates 14 days of isolation when she returns home. It is very likely that our employer will ask us to take these 14 days off our vacation bank. No fun.

If we make a summary for a 3 week trip abroad, taking into account that we will be quarantined for 14 days at our destination, then another 14 days when we return home, we get a nice 7 big days vacation. This makes it an expensive vacation.

Did you decide to fly anyway? I don’t judge anyone, don’t worry lol. Here is the most important information about your next flight!

9. If you decide to fly, experts recommend that you do it book short flightsto avoid having to use the toilet, to reduce the risk of infection from a sick person on board, and to avoid the risk of blood clots (flights of 4 hours or more can be a risk factor for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism) . On the other hand, “short flights” means multiple flights and stopovers when you want to travel far away. One important question to ask then: How long should we plan stopovers? Usually 1 hour is a minimum, but if there are additional controls, should we plan a 2 hour or 3 hour layover? It increases travel time and the fatigue that comes with ????

10. When it comes to seat selection, it is best get the window seat. Why? If we calculate a 6 foot radius around us, having a wall next to us will reduce the number of people who can contaminate us. Not to mention the people who will be walking up and down the aisle.

11. Bring Disinfectant wipes for cleaning seat belts, trays, armrests and personal items This may have touched a contaminated surface such as your passport.

12. Also bring with you reusable zip pockets for your belongings that other people may have touched. You can disinfect them later.

13. Wash your hands as often as you canor disinfect them with hydroalcoholic gel (like Purel) as often as possible.

14th. And once you’re in your seat, don’t try get up or walk around.

fifteen. Wear a mask but no gloves: Wearing gloves can give a false sense of security.

16. Flying with children, especially young children, has special considerations. It’s hard for our children to wash their hands often and avoid touching everything at home. It can be even more difficult on the plane. Please note that children younger than 2 years should not wear masks.

17th. After all, no matter where you travel Book your accommodation directly on the hotel’s website. So the hotel doesn’t have to pay any commission to third parties and is more likely to stay in business longer ????

Seriously, we don’t want to travel abroad as badly as you do! But at what cost? I think a trip abroad would be possible for now, but a lot of things would make the experience very, very annoying!

Our best option: a local vacation

As of June 15, 2020, a booked accommodation can be for up to 10 people from no more than 3 families (Quebec law). In addition, not all hotels are open, and availability is quite limited for those who are.

Here are our most popular and best family hotels in the Province of Quebec!

In the Quebec City area

Entourage sur-le-Lac

Hotel Le Bonne Entente

Hotel 71

In the Montreal area

Hotel the crystal

Hotel St-Sulpice

In the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region

Hotel Chicoutimi

Rent my address

These hotels have been tested by us! But there are many other great opportunities to discover! And don’t forget: in order to promote the local economy as much as possible, you can book your accommodation directly on the hotel’s website (not on Expedia, for example).

Have a great summer!

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