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Michigan Criminal Lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Gets One More Great Client Review

Nov 23

Michigan - Michigan criminal defense law firm Michigan Defense Law has been diligently fighting for over twenty years to defend the rights of citizens charged in a variety of criminal activities in Michigan. The owner and criminal lawyer ( at the Michigan Defense Law, Paul Tafelski, strives to represent his clients in and out of the courtroom and is passionate about assisting his clients during the course of this challenging moment in their life.

Mr. Tafelski, a top-rated criminal lawyer, has devoted his law office to helping clients deal with intricate criminal cases ranging from traffic criminal offenses such as DWI and leaving the scene of an accident to criminal activities including drugs such as possession of dangerous drugs or delivery/manufacture to assaultive crimes such as domestic physical violence, criminal assault, and more.

Whatever his client was accused of, Mr. Tafelski's aim is always the same: to assist his clients with the tough, complex, and sometimes unfair legal system and get the most effective possible outcome all while working hard to help his client to leave the issue behind them. Being a top-notch criminal defense attorney, he starts any case by diligently listening to the client and also analyzing the scene to attempt to establish a winning strategy.

"In some cases, the plan is to move quickly and deal with the situation with a plea. Other times, the very best method is to challenge every detail as well as prepare for trial," said Paul J. Tafelski. "Every situation needs a different approach which we have developed over 20 years of practice. No two incidents are the same and no two clients are identical. We strive to use our skills and training to try to secure for our clients the most optimal outcome under the circumstances

Mr.Tafelski's clients continue to appreciate his experience and attentiveness to their circumstances and share their gratitude online:

John O'Sullivan says: I researched DUI Lawyers and came across Paul's name and office in Oakland County.  He was responsive and knowledgeable and informed me of all of the options available pertaining to my situation. Paul’s expertise and his capable staff provided a “WIN” for me.  I would recommend Paul and his firm to anyone that finds themselves in a sticky situation.

Paul J. Tafelski and the other attorneys of Michigan Defense Law have experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers with over 20 years of experience effectively defending clients indicted of a misdemeanor or felony. The law firm serves clients throughout Michigan, including, but not limited to, Detroit and Detroit Area, Macomb County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County, and Wayne County.

You can learn more about Michigan Defense Law on their website.