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How to Save Money When Traveling by Car

Nov 29

by The Best Travel Info

Business road travel might be a cost-effective option

Traveling for work can be made more affordable by pre-reserving rental cars, arranging lower-priced hotel rooms, and eating at restaurants in the area.

Due to the fact that many corporate executives are striving to lower travel expenses, road travel is becoming increasingly common. It can be a less expensive and more convenient way to go to business meetings and conventions than other modes of transportation.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Rental Car

There are a variety of options for obtaining lower-priced rental automobiles.

  • Business travelers should book rental cars in advance, ideally as soon as travel plans are completed and dates have been set, to avoid last-minute surprises. When looking for the best deal, compare a number of different online travel sites to get the most competitive price. Keep in mind that the Web sites of vehicle rental companies may occasionally offer the most competitive prices.
  • Additionally, business travelers who belong to frequent renters clubs may be notified of special offers or sales via e-mail if they are traveling on business. Check with the car rental business to see if they have any promotions or deals for repeat customers. There may also be special pricing available through your employer — check with the rental firm to see if any corporate rates are available.
  • Consider hiring a space away from the office. Automobile rental companies located outside of the airport may be able to provide better discounts than those based on the airport's premises itself. A shuttle service is frequently offered to carry clients to and from the vehicle rental facility.
  • In addition, while returning the rental automobile, make sure to fill up or top up the gasoline tank. Fees for fuel refills vary widely, but they can be extremely expensive.




Getting the Most for Your Money When Booking Hotel Rooms

The cost of a hotel room might vary significantly depending on the destination. If your destination is a major city, there are likely to be multiple hotels and motels available. Consider the location in which the lodgings are needed; for business travelers who have a rental car, there may be more possibilities available to them than for other travelers.

Also, think about what kinds of amenities would be required. If you have a rental car, you may find that fewer amenities are required; for example, an airport shuttle and on-site eating facilities are less of a concern if you are driving to the hotel. In addition, consider whether gym facilities, conference or meeting rooms are required, or whether such facilities are already accessible in another location. Avoiding extra charges by staying in a "cheap" hotel rather than a luxury resort hotel will help you save money on your trip.

When making hotel reservations, keep in mind that booking a room in advance might result in significant savings. The most competitive rates can be discovered on the hotel's website or on one of the numerous travel reservation websites available. If neither of these options provides a reasonable price, consider calling the hotel's reservations department and requesting the best rate or the "corporate" rate.

Getting a Better Deal While staying at the hotel

Taxes and fees can significantly increase the cost of a hotel stay. The room rate is only the beginning of the bill. The cost of the stay might also be increased by additional expenses such as parking and service charges. Avoid ingesting anything from the minibar if you want to conserve your funds. Instead, go to a nearby store and buy any snacks or refreshments you might need. Purchase any meals you may require off-site as well; while the hotel restaurant may be convenient, it will be far more expensive than a lunch at a neighboring restaurant.

Traveling by automobile can save money because it not only provides convenience, but it can also be less expensive than flying.

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