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How to use the mega-ray mercury vapor lamp.

Dec 29

Mega Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb reptile lamps have low wattage, which allows them to emit more heat. These lamps work best when used with an infrared basking spot. Mercury vapor bulbs can provide a 10% UVB benefit that can be very beneficial to your reptile. These bulbs should be replaced every six-months due to the harmful UV rays that they emit.

Low wattage infrared lamp for reptiles gives off an orange glow that simulates hot desert days. This is the same color as your pet's ancestral home before being captured and sold to you. These bulbs are difficult to break because of their structure. These bulbs also last for up to 10,000 hours. These lamps are very intense and should only be used when the reptile is outside its enclosure.

It is crucial that you do not use a mercury vapour bulb with an infrared basking area. You can either use a lower-wattage bulb, or move your pet into a cooler location.

UVB is essential for reptiles to maintain their bone health and calcium metabolism. Mega Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb provides a 10% UVB effect which can meet the needs of your reptile.

The Mega Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb, a low-wattage, high quality reptile lamp is a great choice. The Mega Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb is a great option for reptile owners. They come in a variety of sizes and offer many benefits.

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