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Why Team Building in Thailand Is The Most Important Investment You'll Make

Jun 22

Team building in a workplace is a process by which people work together as a team by means of fun activities that promote cooperation and increase motivation. Despite its not-so-good reputation as many people consider it "lame," team building is one of the most vital investments you can make for your people as it offers several great benefits:

1. Builds stronger connection and collaboration in the team

Team building activities in Thailand can involve all the human resources in your organization. Working with people of different positions in your organization builds stronger connections which in turn can help create a more engaged, collaborative and committed team that works together to achieve your goals.

Doing something new and fun together in a different setting and environment allows you to see your colleagues in a different light. This could help you discover hidden skills and talents that you could also utilize in the workplace. Apart from that, such activities help build friendship that will help create a more cohesive team.

Furthermore, team-building activities also encourage people to step out of their comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone offers a lot of benefits to the individual and in the long run, this can also benefit the company as these people will become better at handling challenges in their work and become better equipped to think outside the box and help your company grow.

2. Improves productivity 

Team-building also plays a vital role in improving the productivity of employees. Activities such as The Bangkok Amazing Race, Crazy Golf Team Building Challenge, and Chocolate Factory bring a huge number of employees together toward a common goal. The goal of these activities is not to win over another team but to improve each member's ability to participate and collaborate during the activities. They can then bring in that learning experience in their work, allowing them to become more participative and cooperative in achieving your organization's goals.

3. Allows employees to gain a better understanding of company values

Team-building activities are more than just fun activities. They are designed not only to improve collaboration and friendship but also to help the employees gain a better understanding of what the company values are and what they mean.

Here at Change Works Ltd, we have a wide range of fun team-building activities that allow you to introduce the company values. Of course, we understand that the most successful and fun activities are the ones that don't overly emphasize on leadership lessons or practical learnings, hence, we focus on spending time together and doing enjoyable activities while organically introducing company values.

Best Practices for Team Building Activities

To get the most out of your team-building activities, it's important to remember these best practices:

  1. Avoid the corporate stuff

Effective and successful team-building activities are those that don't feel like you are still at the office, just a different environment. Activities should be fun and engaging for employees and do not focus on corporate takeaways. 

  1. Try new things

When planning a team-building event, choose activities that are unique and can generate good vibes for participants. You could check some activity ideas from our team-building page.

  1. Keep it going 

Team-building may fail if you make it a one-time activity. Make it a tradition in your organization. Find new activities that will create opportunities for your people to connect and interact. 

  1. You don't have to spend on fancy and expensive trips

You don't have to overspend on expensive trips just to make your team-building activity fun. With the right provider, you can organize an activity that you can consider a great investment for your company.

How Change Works Ltd Can Help You

Team-building activities are not a splurge but an investment for your human resources. Since it's an investment, you would want to put your money on a company that specializes in this type of service.

At Change Works Ltd, we've earned our reputation as Thailand's leading provider of transformational services which include team-building activities. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help.