7 Powerful Outreach Tools to Use in 2021

These tested outreach tools can transform your business for the better in 2021 and give you the result you have always wanted. So choose wisely and plan each step in advance.

For anyone who finds outreach campaigns overwhelming, tiresome, and monotonous, they are not alone. Even if good connections are associated with a good range, public relations work is not child’s play.

The process includes finding prospects, creating spaces, sending and waiting for a response, tracking, and tracking performance. This is hard work indeed, and a lot of work for each and every link. The good news, however, is that Blogger Reach can help streamline this task.

Blogger outreach tools will dramatically change the way bloggers use their outreach program, adding tools for tasks like finding influencers, finding relevant and popular blogs, sending and managing outreach campaigns etc. deploy. There is also a tool that can be used to find and get contact information, authentic emails, and more. Seven different recommendations are presented in this article, and you will actually find one that will suit your case.

  1. BuzzSumo

If you want to track the performance of your content on social media and search engines, this is the tool you need. Also, it comes in handy in generating blog post titles and can serve as a blogger outreach tool. In other words, it can show you top content performers in an industry.

When you get top content performers in the industry, get in touch with your link building or guest posting ideas. The main functions of BuzzSumo are:

  • Get top content based on total social shares available
  • Ability to call up location-specific content using the “Filter by location” function
  • Users can filter by brands and influencers
  1. Tomoson

Tomoson is one of the top blogger outreach tools to consider for 2021. Tomoson is not only easy to reach and communicate with your influencer, but it is also characterized by the fact that you can access top influencers in almost all areas. For example, when you load up the website you have to click on find an influencer and narrow down the search for your industry such as cannabis or travel. When searching, you will see various information and options.

By clicking on each influencer, users will have access to information such as:

  • Website visitors
  • Completion percentage
  • Whole range

What makes this tool stand out is that users can access relevant information about the influencer to help them decide whether or not their impact on your business is positive. It’s a good choice if you’re on a budget as it is free to reach out to influencers.

  1. SEMrush

This is a versatile marketing application designed to offer different tools to users. Many people are well aware of the domain and keyword feature that allows users to do their own research, compete, and do extensive keyword research. However, many people are unaware that they can manage outreach campaigns such as sending out emails, prospecting and tracking responses and achievements. Users can get this specifically through the SEO toolkit and link building tool.

Here are the specific features of SEMrush for outreach campaigns:

  • Link building tool that you can use to find prospects, send emails, and track your progress
  • Get the backlink details for any URL that has link building capabilities for keywords
  • Analyze the traffic and keywords for each domain. This is a great way to project whether a site will be beneficial for link building opportunities
  • For people with extensive content marketing, they can quickly generate topics for content distribution
  1. ContentMarketer.io

From the name, you should have a good idea of ​​what this tool can do for you. On the other hand, the connector function is worthwhile when it comes to the reach of bloggers. This tool allows you to schedule and send custom emails through your Google account. Users have access to a range of features like templates, schedules, and follow-up, all of which work together to keep your outreach program up to date.

The notifier feature is another unique part of this tool. This feature allows you to search your post for mentions of other brands and contact them for a link building opportunity. This way you can build a relationship that is mutually beneficial for the parties.

  1. Mailshake

This is another blogger outreach tool that focuses solely on link building. This tool allows bloggers to create and send cold email campaigns through an automated process. The tool also allows users to keep track of the recipients who opened, tracked, and replied to their emails.

Some of the features are:

  • Send custom emails to a number of recipients at the same time. Users need to have a template and enter the parameters provided by Mailshake.
  • Project and decide the best time to send email and prepare for follow-up
  • Users can also prepare drip campaigns to schedule emails based on time and other actions.
  • Track labels and define them with answers.
  1. Ninja outreach

    Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels.

This is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms out there. It has some features that users can use to filter and contact influencers. With keywords it provides access to an extensive database of influencers and important information about them, such as: B. Your contact information and your social media profile.

It has features to help you manage and track your relationship with the influencers you contact. Some of the features available are:

  • Optimize your search to target Facebook influencers, Youtube influencers, etc.
  • Access a range of outreach templates to save you time creating your templates. You can use various templates to align several phases of the process.
  • Stay in touch with influencers with the customer relationship tools.
  1. Traackr

This is a tracking tool that can be used to reach out to your niche influencer and build strong relationships. You can also measure the impact they are having on your business. The idea behind Traackr is to focus on positive relationships that are likely to affect your business and maximize any content. Knowing how social media influencers are affecting your business can help you create a better organization for your reach.

With this tool, you can quickly see what works and what you no longer need to focus on. It is recommended for beginners who have no idea how to deal with social media influencers. Other worthwhile features are:

  • Conversion tracking tool
  • Ability to filter options by type and location


These tested outreach tools can transform your business for the better in 2021 and give you the result you have always wanted. So choose wisely and plan each step in advance.

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