Attention-grabbing Slovakia Info You Must Know

Slovakia is a very cozy European country with clean streets and friendly and smiling people.

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. It is the only capital in the world that borders two countries. The distance between Vienna and Bratislava is so short that you can take the normal tram from the Slovak capital to Austria during World War II. Today trains run between cities. One of the streets of Bratislava leads smoothly to the Austrian city of Kittzej. There are other interesting facts about Slovakia.

All cities in the country are very small. The capital also only has 500,000 inhabitants. There are no big cities with millions of people. Slovakia is considered one of the most densely populated countries in Europe, although it is a small area with over 140 cities. All the settlements are very clean and beautiful. We have put together the most interesting facts about Slovakia for you.

7 facts about Slovakia

  1. Slovakia has no access to the sea. But the country has so many thermal springs with mineral water that you can visit them in almost every city. The greatest number is concentrated in the High Tatras.
  2. The national symbol of the country is a breed of dogs Chuvash. Such dogs help shepherds graze flocks on the mountain slopes.
  3. The official language is Slovak. In fact, the local population speaks Czech, German, Romanian, Ukrainian and Hungarian.
  4. There is the only geyser with cold artesian water in Europe. It breaks out every 32-36 hours.
  5. National cuisine is represented by delicious, but very fatty dishes. Meat pies, dumplings with cheese, thick, boiled soups are served here. They mainly drink tincture on juniper (boletus) and plums (plum).
  6. One of the Slovaks was the king of Madagascar. His name was Moritz Benevsky and he had the title of Count.
  7. There is a world-famous bar in Slovakia. Four thousand lighters were used to decorate the walls.

Top 3 best sights in Slovakia

  1. The main square of Bratislava. It is also known as the market square and is the focus of public life in this city. Here you can see baroque, Gothic and classical buildings. Despite the many styles, they all look very organic. One of the oldest buildings in Bratislava is also located here, the Old Town Hall. It’s best to visit the market square when Easter or Christmas masses take place.
  2. Skok waterfall. This waterfall can be seen near Lake Štrbske Pleso. To get to this natural wonder, it is worth taking a walk on specially marked trails. This route is one of the easiest and easiest.
  3. Dobshinskaya Ice Cave. This is the largest ice cave in Europe. The observation path is half a kilometer long. The duration of the excursion tour – 30 minutes. Even in the strongest heat, the temperature never rises above zero here.

Slovakia: strange laws and customs

Countess Báthory lived in Slovakia in the 16th century. This woman was extremely cruel. She killed more than six hundred young girls with extreme cruelty, for which she was inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records. She lived in Castleachta Castle, and the locals say her spirit can still be found here.

What is prohibited in Slovakia

  • Running dogs without a leash. If your pet runs 200 meters away, any local can shoot them with impunity.
  • Wear symbols of the USSR. The communist party in the country is banned, so wearing communist symbols can be punished with a fine of 60 euros.
  • Ride on studded tires. If a police officer notices it, the fine cannot be avoided.
  • Trust the public transport timetable. The buses run here without a system. When planning a route, it is therefore better to provide alternative movement options immediately.
  • Be romantic. This is especially true for lovers who prefer to give their lady flowers from the nearest flowerbed. You have to pay from 49 euros for picked flowers.

In Slovakia, the Christmas holidays start on December 5th. First the children come to Krámpusy. These are mystical creatures that look like devils. The celebration of the Christmas holidays begins with a carnival of devils. After the sun hides behind the horizon, hundreds of men appear on the streets in the most terrible costumes. They hold torches, whips and chains in their hands and threaten to kill naughty children. Only on the 6th day does St. Nicholas come to the children.

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