Book by long-time Edmonds resident provides recommendation to new and aspiring RV fanatics

Chuck Woodbury

Recreational vehicles are selling at near record numbers as Americans seek a safe way out during the Covid-19 pandemic – and longtime Edmonds resident and RV travel lover Chuck Woodbury offers a guide for RVers who are just starting out.

While cruise ships sit in port, planes remain on the ground, and tours to overseas destinations are postponed, RVs are selling so fast that many dealerships are nearly empty, Woodbury noted.

“People have found that traveling in a motor home is the ultimate way to isolate yourself while satisfying their wanderlust,” said Woodbury, editor of

Woodbury recently published the third edition of his book The ABCs of RVing. The book is Q&A style and addresses the most common questions about RVing. It covers a wide range of topics such as: B. What type of RV to buy, finance and insure, where to camp and how to use all systems.

“With a motorhome, you can sleep in your own bed, prepare your own meals and choose outdoor activities virtually anywhere,” explained Woodbury. “The idea of ​​sleeping in your own bed rather than in a hotel that a stranger slept in the night before is incredibly appealing.”

According to the Association of the RV Industry, deliveries of RVs are expected to exceed 400,000 wholesale units by the end of 2020 and will again show significant growth in 2021. The 507,200 units forecast for 2021 would represent the best annual total for the RV industry, surpassing the 504,600 units shipped in 2017.

The purpose of his book, Woodbury explained, is to address vital information that potential RVs cannot even ask for. “We coach you in how much you can negotiate about the selling price of a motorhome and how you can finance it right and wrong. One of the first decisions a new RV needs to make is determining what type of RV to buy, a towable or motorized unit. Even if you finally decide on a specific motorhome, you often cannot understand why other, similar motorhomes can vary so widely in price. It’s all about quality, which is only visible once you know where to look. “

Many first-time buyers, he said, have no idea how much it costs to stay in a RV park, or even the difference between a RV park and a campsite. They don’t know about the many places to stay for free, including millions of acres of government land and the parking lots of Walmarts, casinos, and other major stores.

Many newbie RVs worry that draining a septic tank is gross. “It’s not, at least if you get it right,” he said.

The book warns readers of dangers such as the hot skin of motorhomes, which can seriously shock a motorhome driver under certain circumstances. It offers tips on driving and towing, as well as tax advice. “Most buyers don’t even realize that the interest on a home loan is usually deductible from their income tax like a mortgage,” he said.

In addition to editing, Woodbury hosts the Better Business Bureau’s “Buying a Recreational Vehicle” DVD and has been named Distinguished Journalist of the Year by the RV Industry Association. As an avid RVer, he has been featured on all major television channels as well as hundreds of major newspapers and magazines.

Learn more about the book here.

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