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ET Family Travel is thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for Best Travel Agent in Bethpage Best of Long Island for the second year running. After this win With the title we nominated in our first year, we’re more determined than ever to prove that we’re the best travel team out there.

Owners Ellen Volpe and Victoria Tomasheski share a passion for travel, leadership and communication. In just under three years, Ellen and Tori have expanded their team to 225 agents in 37 states across the country who have been recognized and won by the Walt Disney Travel Company as Gold-level EarMarked and U-Preferred agencies for Universal Resorts Bethpage Best of Long Island Best Travel Agent in 2020.

After the year got off to a strong start with winning Best of Long Island, no one could predict the state of travel during the year. But fear not, nothing – not even a global pandemic – can hold back these two amazing leaders! Read a Q&A with these two inspiring women.

Question: How did you react to winning the Bethpage Best of Long Island Travel Agent in 2020?

A. It was a great honor and if we’re being completely honest there were a lot of jumps up and down! We had a very successful year 2019 and we were looking to make 2020 a banner year for the agency. Little did we know it was going to be a devastating year for the travel business and our agents.

Question: What was your first reaction to Covid and its impact on travel?

A. When Covid met, we knew immediately that it is imperative to think outside the box to protect our wonderful customers and agents and to preserve our business that we have worked hard to build. Canceling millions of dollars in bookings was downright heartbreaking, but if you’re the best you’ll find a way! On the one hand, we dealt with disappointments, cancellations, refunds and rescheduling customers. On the other hand, we had to keep our morals high and support our customers and agents to the best of our ability.

Knowing that our customers would fear the usual bookings for amusement parks, cruises, and international travel, we switched our business to a stronger local travel. By adapting to the situation, we have added over 50 new suppliers and some RV companies to our supplier list. In the last few months we have been able to offer our customers many local destinations in the USA.

Question: How do you advise customers now?

A. Now more than ever, we see that many customers need a break, and we continue to strive to excel in helping our customers find the best travel destination for their vacation destinations. In times of ever-changing lists, logs, and regulations, having an agent to guide customers through the process is even more important.

If you are thinking of taking a vacation, let us explain to you why you need an ET Family Travel Advisor more than ever before you hit the “Book Now” button.

EXPERTS – In a time of many strangers to the travel world where regulations are constantly changing, you can rest assured that the experts at ET Family Travel will keep up to date with all lists and updates. We will guide you to a destination that best suits your personal vacation needs. You can book with confidence that our agents have done all the inquiries and are ready to assist with Covid issues and target logs.

Saves you time and effort – Determining where to vacation can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Let our agents guide you to the safest areas in the destinations you want to travel to. How about if you have to cancel a vacation and have to wait long lines to confirm the cancellation and / or fight for a refund? This is where it really pays to have your ET Family travel agent working on your behalf.

NO FEES – A common misconception is that using a travel agent costs MORE money than booking on your own. This may be true for some agencies, but you can be sure that one of the most important cornerstones of ET Family Travel is that we DO NOT charge any fees. Our customers benefit from our time and expertise at no additional cost.

SUPPORT A SMALL BUSINESS – Of course, you can book online, but most people don’t realize that travel agents get the same prices or better than online with a more personal touch. Book with us and support our small company!

As we look forward to a brighter future in 2021, remember that ET Family Travel is there for all of your vacation needs. Vote for us for the best travel agency in 2021, visit our website at and start planning today!

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