Boston’s 15 Most Influential Instagrammers Proper Now


Your feed has never looked this good.


Three local Instagram influencers shaking up the city’s food scene.

Instagram handle: @eastcoastfeastcoast
Real name: Lena Sternburg
Number of Followers: 166K
Reason to follow her: Donuts. Biscuit sundae. Onion rings stacked practically to the ceiling. Sternberg knows what the Bostonians crave and gives it to them.

Instagram handle: @ Bostonfoodies
Real name: Tiffany Lopinsky
Number of Followers: 154K
Reason to follow her: When it comes to social media, few Bostonians do it as well as Lopinsky, whose artfully staged shots make overdone brunch spreads and sausage boards from the best restaurants in the region look as good digitally as they IRL taste.

Instagram handle: @nailthecocktail
Real name: Claudiane Philippe
Number of Followers: 30.8K
Reason to follow her: Social media was designed for multitaskers, and Philippe fits the mold like a glove. The former bartender and current health advisor has several IG accounts devoted to beauty, but also woos fans by capturing the most photogenic libations in town. Keep them in your feed for some serious mixology goals.


Three local Instagram influencers shaking up the city’s travel scene.

Instagram handle: @the_essentialist_
Real name: Joanna Adach
Number of Followers: 210K
Reason to follow her: Even in these challenging times, this productive travel blogger continues to spoil our wanderlust with scenes from sunnier days – including, of course, many beach shots.

Instagram handle: @ Laurenswells
Real name: Lauren Wells
Number of Followers: 87.6K
Reason to follow her: Wells’ great, inspiring shots of her family traveling the world are filtered through her unique POV.

Instagram handle: @ global.viewpoint
Real name: Jon mixed
Number of Followers: 38.8K
Reason to follow him: Miksis’ impressive feed from Boston is literally all about perspective. It shows gorgeous photos from a sky-high view of the Thunder Hole of Acadia National Park to the undulating red interior of Antelope Canyon in Arizona.


Three local Instagram influencers shaking up the city’s wellness scene.

Instagram handle: @ Bootybybrabants
Real name: Kelly Brabants
Number of Followers: 63.3K
Reason to follow her: It’s not just the shots of her bootylicious athleisure line that make this account a must-have. Brabants is an integral part of the city’s boutique fitness scene, tracing her life as a local influencer on the rise.

Instagram handle: @ Fashioneatstravel
Real name: Vera LaRochelle
Number of Followers: 126K
Reason to follow her: Whether it’s a “leg day” or a “back day,” this ultra-tinted influencer offers actionable tips to get and stay in shape. (Bonus points mixed for a lot of fashion and travel content.)

Instagram handle: @sarahfit
Real name: Sarah Dussault
Number of Followers: 37.5K
Reason to follow her: The former nutritionist who became the fitness guru’s main stage is YouTube, where she has more than 234,000 subscribers, but her IG account delivers honest, inspirational news from a busy working mom that you wouldn’t want to be without.


Three local Instagram influencers shaking up the city’s style scene.

Instagram handle: @ Jeanwang
Real name: Jean Wang
Number of Followers: 567K
Reason to follow her: The founder of the popular Extra Petite blog is six feet tall, but powerful in the fashion world. She shares her classic and effortless style with followers in Boston and beyond.

Instagram handle: @ashleighdmello
Real name: Ashleigh D’Mello
Number of Followers: 129K
Reason to follow her: This Aussie transplant’s cool, crisp, and modern OOTDs offer tons of inspiration, whether facing Boston’s new glass towers or historic brown stones.

Instagram handle: @ Lisaalamode
Real name: Lisa Jean-Francois
Number of Followers: 37.3K
Reason to follow her: This local fashion and beauty blogger not only lives the #momlife and looks particularly violent, she also shares all of her secrets with us. Do we have to say more?

City life

Three local Instagram influencers shaking up city life.

Instagram handle: @brianmcw
Real name: Brian McWilliams
Number of Followers: 155K
Reason to follow him: McWilliams is all about the hub – a love affair that is reflected in every post. The founder of IG Boston, his personal report, also underlines the beauty he experiences every day on his way from Back Bay to Beacon Hill.

Instagram handle: @onlyinbos
Real name: It’s a well-kept secret.
Number of Followers: 156K
Reason to follow: From Fenway Park’s masked Teammates statue to a nearly empty Zakim Bridge at sunrise, expect an up-to-date look at what Boston is like right now from this mysterious local grammer.

Instagram handle: @bretclancy
Real name: Bret Clancy
Number of Followers: 25.4K
Reason to follow him: During the day, he spreads the investment gospel as Director of Social Media at Fidelity. In his spare time, he influences fans of his own Instagram account, where he posts impressive shots of Boston’s historic architecture and city streets.

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