Bucket Record: High 15 Finest Issues To Do in Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh Bucket List: Amazing Places in Ipoh, Malaysia

IPoh has many attractions to offer tourists. It’s one of those rare cities with a little bit of everything, whether you’re in the city or in the country. Some of the city’s landmarks are the parks, temples, and museums. Here are the things to do during your Ipoh trip:

Explore Kek Long Tong (Cave of Ultimate Bliss)

Entrance view of Kek Lok Tong which is located in Gunung Rapat in the south of Ipoh via Depositphotos

Kek Long Tong is a popular place of worship for locals. This spacious cave has Buddhist and Taoist statues, marble walls, gardens and a legendary stalactite structure.

What attracts visitors to this cave is the airy, refreshing atmosphere, which is essential for a relaxing, spiritual experience.

Climb the Sam Poh Tong Temple

Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple, Malaysia via DepositphotosSam Poh Tong Cave Temple, Malaysia via Depositphotos

Another cave temple that deserves attention is the Sam Poh Temple. This temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Malaysia and is located on a natural limestone hill.

The temple contains several ancient Buddhist statues, stone lanterns in a pagoda, and a garden with a turtle pond where you can release turtles to neutralize karma.

If you feel like walking there is also a 246-step staircase leading to a great view of the entire Ipoh.

Visit the Tibetan Temple of the Enlightened Heart

Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple Photo via FB PageEnlightened Heart Buddhist Temple Photo via FB Page

What distinguishes this temple is that it is not one of Ipoh’s cave temples. In fact, the Buddhist Temple of the Enlightened Heart is a multi-colored pagoda that is 236 feet tall at 13 stories.

Because of this, the temple may have 200 sculptures of Tibetan Nyingma Buddhism, including the famous largest Buddhist statue in Ipoh.

Experience the Hoga Gaharu Tea Valley

Hoga Gaharu Tea ValleyHoga Gaharu Tea Valley

If you’re looking to travel on the outskirts of Ipoh, don’t miss the Hoga Gaharu Tea Valley.

This plantation has 200,000 gaharu trees with agarwood trees. During your trip, you can roam the woods and feed wildlife such as fish and turtles.

You can also try meals made with gaharu dishes like ice cream, toast, and hot soup noodles.

Take a breather at DR Seenivasagam Recreational Park.

If you are tired of the city’s crowds, DR Seenivasagam Recreational Park is the place.

This refreshing park is named after a Malay politician named DR Seenivasagam. There is a Japanese zen garden where you can relax and have a picnic.

You can also rent a bike there if you want to see other parts of the park.

Take a trip to Gunung Lang Recreational Park.

Gunung Lang Amusement Park from World of Travolution via Flickr CCGunung Lang Amusement Park from World of Travolution via Flickr CC

Gunung Lang Theme Park is known for its limestone hill landscapes known as Gunung Lake and Gunung Bilike.

In fact, this is such a protected area that the only way to get here is by taking a boat ride. Some of the park’s attractions are the promenade over the swamp, watchtowers, and the limestone hill man-made waterfall.

If you want to stay longer there is also a campsite where you can stay the night.

Roam the Kinta Riverfront Walk

Kinta Riverfront Walk by Hams Nocete via Flickr CCKinta Riverfront Walk by Hams Nocete via Flickr CC

The Kinta Riverfront Walk is a must do for people who have a tendency to wander around in the evening.

This riverside walk is full of trees with LED lights reflecting in the river. This wonderful landscape is also complemented by food stalls and cafes.

Go hiking the Ulu Geroh Rafflesia Trail

Rafflesia, largest flower in the world photo via DepositphotosRafflesia, largest flower in the world photo via Depositphotos09

The Ulu Geroh Rafflesia Trail is on the outskirts of Ipoh, where you can get a complete view of country life such as local villages, durian orchards, and rubber plantations.

The area is home to rare wildlife such as the rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, and the birdwing butterfly by Rajah Brooke.

During your trek, you will also spot other wildlife such as lizards, gingers and spiders.

Explore Cave Tempurung

Gua Tempurung by @dodol via Flickr CCGua Tempurung by @dodol via Flickr CC

Gua Tempurung is the best place to start exploring beneath the surface of Ipoh. This roughly 400-million-year-old cave has a walkway where visitors can admire the rare stalagmites and stalactites.

The central chamber of the entire cave is 4.5 kilometers long and one of the longest caves in the country. You’ll also see the cave’s natural domes, as well as underground streams and waterfalls.

Have fun in the lost world of Tambun

Lost World of Tambun by Colin Goh via Flickr CCLost World of Tambun by Colin Goh via Flickr CC

The Lost World of Tambun is a theme park for all ages. On the one hand, there are plenty of things for kids to do, such as an amusement park, eco-park adventures, and a petting zoo.

On the other hand, there are hot springs and a spa for ultimate relaxation for adults. Good thing there is an on-site hotel where you can enjoy this experience for more than a day.

Explore Oldtown Ipoh

Oldtown Ipoh is a great way to learn about local history and culture. Ipoh’s transformation from a small town to a more developed town can be learned on the Ipoh Heritage Trail.

You can also taste the culture of Ipoh through the famous drinks and dishes like Ipoh White Coffee, Seng Kee Curry Mee and Ice Kacang.

Eat dim sum

Dim SumDim Sum

While dim sum is a Chinese dish, it has great taste in Ipoh too. There is a locally known district for restaurants specializing in dim sum cooking, Jalan Leong Sin Nam.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Chinese culture plays a role in Malaysia’s history. Some of the best restaurants to try on this street are Ming Court Restaurant and Foh San Restaurant.

Learn about Hakka history at the Han Chin Pet Soo Museum

Han Chin Pet Soo Museum by @ chriscwy5435 via Wikipedia CCHan Chin Pet Soo Museum By Chriscwy5435 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

What fascinates the story is the tragic drama that can be found in the Han Chin Pet Soo Museum.

This museum has an exhibition about the tin miners club’s seedy activities such as prostitution, gambling, opium, and triads. It also visualizes the history of the Hakka community in China.

See the Birch Memorial Clock Tower

Birch Memorial Clock Towerd by Travelpleb via Wikipedia CCBirch Memorial Clock Towerd by Travelpleb via Wikipedia CC

The Birch Memorial Clock Tower is an embodiment of British rule in Perak. It is surrounded by four structures: the principles of British administration, which are patience, justice, loyalty and steadfastness.

However, this memorial is controversial as it glorifies James Birch who suppressed Malay customs. At the same time, Ipoh Dato subtly recognizes Maharaja Lela in this monument by mentioning his name, even if he is a controversial national hero.

He was the one who murdered James Birch, who started the Perak War.

Visit the Geological Museum

Geological Museum in Ipoh by Akhmar7 via Wikipedia CCGeological Museum in Ipoh by Akhmar7 via Wikipedia CC

The Geological Museum is a must for anyone interested in rocks and minerals. The museum houses 600 types of minerals, 150 types of rock and 200 gemstone classifications. You can also learn about Ipoh’s mining history as well as dinosaur fossils.

Ipoh travel and tour packages

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