Cell library to supply books for seniors | Native Information

Starting in December, the library will be set up in Pineview Park every second Wednesday of the month from 12 noon to 4 pm and the fourth Wednesday of the month in Playfair Park.

“A lot of seniors are lonely,” Reed said, adding that while people are isolated, the characters in novels might serve as comfort, someone who is imaginary and interactive and doesn’t need to be socially distant.

So far, the three have collected around 100 donated books and are planning more. People can donate books in multiple locations listed on their website or during park dates.

Robyn said they will be renting park pavilions and the tables will be six feet apart and free gloves and masks will be available on site.

Hallie also said there will be a station where people can create a bundle of books to deliver to their older loved ones, including a variety of genres. People can return the books if they wish.

“No matter text, no matter what context the book is in, I just think that reading teaches you to write better,” Hallie said. “It turns your brain on and it only helps … when you’re on your mind it just helps you get out and escape a bit,” she said.

Reed said just to come to the park and get a book for free without navigating online, it was easier for local seniors to get to read. The Little Traveling Library website states that all books will be deleted before and after each event and that all staff and visitors will need masks.

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