Digital service to rejoice 150 years

ROCK TAVERN – The Unitarian Universalist Congregation in the Rock Tavern is celebrating 150 years of Roots and Wings in a virtual service on October 18 at 10:30 a.m.

“We have a happy birthday,” says Linda Mangelsdorf, chair of the ministry planning the celebration, “while we honor those whose commitment to Unitarian universalism paved the way for the path we will take today and for the future . ”

The community is fortunate to have three mementos from their roots: a historical documentary, a book with zoom access, and a section of a curved wooden beam.

The 10:30 am service will watch and discuss the half-hour documentary that first narrates the 40 years before the UUCRT was organized as a religious entity – from John and Abigail Adams to Warren Delano, the grandfather of the FDR. Their participation led to the dedication of the Church of Our Father Unitarians in 1870. This building is still on the corner of South Street and Johnson Street in Newburgh City, and the short documentary covers the 100 years that Unitarians lived.

“Furthermore,” reports Mangelsdorf, “the 50 years since moving to the Rock Tavern will go back in time via a hardcover book shared through the miracle of Zoom.”

The documentary and book were created from the collected, stored, and preserved records, articles, newsletters, photos, and memories compiled by Verne M. Bell, Elizabeth Mehling, and Linda Mangelsdorf.

There will be a short pause after the discussion and then a unique “Cupcake Communion” will be celebrated with cupcakes and candles distributed to members and friends

Then the congregation will look to the future with a service under the direction of Rev. Chris J. Antal – Wings – and honor two special members.

Agnes Cavalari became the first woman president of the ward in 1973. She and her late husband Al – a former treasurer, legal advisor, and staunch member – are honored with the inauguration of the section of one of the arches of the A-frame building, which was destroyed by fire in 2006. Fred Mangelsdorf, Linda’s husband, took his chainsaw into the ruins and rescued this treasure, and it is fitting that it is dedicated to a couple who were among those who moved from Newburgh to Rock Tavern to found the ‘Fellowship’ there have contributed and provided support and service for many years.

The other “Church of Our Fathers” honored is Verne M. Bell. She is a well-known and acclaimed Newburgh social activist and humanitarian director. “No introduction is required here and celebrating the life of Verne in terms of service, support and achievement will be a joy,” says Mangelsdorf.

Anyone with memories, stories or contributions to Verne Bell or the Cavalaris can pass them on to [email protected] Enter a name in the subject line and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Congregators and close friends receive a free copy of the memorial book. Additional copies are available for $ 25 from [email protected] For information on how to connect using Zoom or phone, see the municipality’s website – -.

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