Discover Moments of Delight This Weekend.

Welcome. Another weekend is just around the corner, and those of us lucky enough to experience downtime await unplanned hours, time to read, nap, and reflect.

We have, of course, a library of distractions waiting for you at home, and the readers of this newsletter have submitted their own ideas for the day, suggestions for a better mood and a more comfortable weekend. Here are some of her inspirations for this week.

  • “The happiest thing I’ve been in months was when I saw ‘Covid Fan Tutte’, a very complex, but also very funny free opera. A Finnish initiative from the Opera House. “- Monica De Coninck

  • “The monarch migration is in full swing here in Dallas. There is nothing quite like watching a monarch drink deeply from a flower and wonder how far and fearlessly they wander for the winter. “- Nancy Footer

  • “I listen to YouTube documentaries about artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Klee and Jan Van Eyck. I also do online tours of American and world museums. “- Dorothy Walsh Fleming

  • “Our local library has started a book pick-up program where your holds are packed and prepared in a pick-up window. These have become my favorite days! “- Conria Wiebe

  • “What lifts my mood during the pandemic? Grilling! I own twenty Weber grills and turn them off because it’s just my wife and I and we can’t invite guests. “- Gary R. Oats

  • “The life of our wonderful singer Teresa Cristina on Instagram.” – Cristina Barreto

  • “I’m watching ‘Long Way Up’, perfect for motorcycle and adventure travel enthusiasts, and ‘Ted Lasso’, a comedy about a B-rated American football coach who coaches a major British football team. I read ‘My Life in France’ by Julia Child and her nephew Alex Prud’homme – perfect for foodies and those who need a vicarious trip to Paris. “- Lucy Garrick

  • “Bruce Springsteen, becoming the best-known music icon of his generation – be it the Broadway show, documentaries, late night talk show appearances, PSAs for elections or interviews with the New York Times – brings me every kind of joy (as much later convert). ” – Brent Cox

  • “I love Tiler Peck’s (#turnitoutwithtiler) ballet classes on Instagram. She has been offering them free of charge for months. It really keeps me going and keeps my body moving! “- Jessica H.

  • “We have created a ‘phone tree’ of individuals we know, seniors like us, to call each week for information and check-in. Everyone has shared what brings some wind under their wings and expanded our pick-me-up bank for those days that need some lift. – Cheryl Gallan

  • “I’ve been sitting around a few unused postcards from my travels for years. I enjoy sending them to friends. It is satisfying to lick the stamp, enjoy the beauty of the design as well as the image on the postcard, ease my possessions and at the same time remember my friends. “- Jean Grant

Keep sending ideas on how to make the time enjoyable and we will keep sharing them. What brings you moments of joy? What did you recently discover that you would like to recommend to the world? Write to us: [email protected] Were at home. We will read every letter. See below for more ideas for a fulfilling life at home. Until next week.

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