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Slovenia is a small state in Eastern Europe.

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. Although the state occupies a small area, it is rich in various natural conditions. In the south there is the sea and it is very warm. In the north of the country there are mountains and the climate is more severe. Slovenia not only attracts idle tourists, but also people who want to settle in this beautiful part of the world. There are other interesting facts about Slovenia.

The Slovenian infrastructure is more developed compared to the neighboring countries. The amazing variety of natural conditions, high standard of living and beautiful ecology make the country in demand for those looking for the best living conditions. To get the right to buy real estate, you should have lived in this country for more than 5 years. However, commercial buildings are sold without any problems. We have collected the most interesting and unusual facts about Slovenia.

7 facts about Slovenia

  1. The city of Lipitsa has been breeding a special breed of horses for over four centuries. Small foals are painted black at birth, but as the animal ages, the color of the animal becomes lighter and almost white.
  2. Archaeologists found the oldest musical instrument in Slovenia. It is a flute made of bone with a cavity inside.
  3. In 2002, archaeologists found a wooden wheel on Slovenian territory that was over 5,000 years old. Its thickness does not exceed 5 cm and its diameter is 140 cm. The manufacturing technology is more complicated than the later analogues in other countries.
  4. In Europe, Slovenia is known as Hahnland. The fact is that the shape of the territory is very similar to the silhouette of a rooster.
  5. Almost half of the country’s area is covered with forests where brown bears live. There are also many waterfalls.
  6. One of the oldest pharmacies in Europe is still operating in the city of Olimier. Pavlinsky monks still grow medicinal herbs, make medicines from them and sell them in this facility. By the way, the drugs that are made according to ancient recipes are very effective.
  7. The Slovenian language is very similar to Old Slavonic. In some municipalities other than Slovene, the official language is Italian or Gypsy.

Slovenia: Top 3 Best Sights

  1. Old Vine House. This building is known all over the world thanks to the vine that braids its walls. The age of a particular plant has exceeded the limit in four hundred years. This copy made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The vine is still developing successfully and bearing fruit. Every season of the year, up to 50 kg of berries are harvested, from which a unique wine is made.
  2. Standing cave. It is a complex system of karst caves. There are many tunnels, passages and chambers. This unique natural wonder is located at great depths, and to get inside, tourists first take the steam train.
  3. Island on Lake Bled. In the forest there is a lake with very beautiful nature. In the middle of the lake there is an island on which a small church was built. This temple is popular with newlyweds. It is believed that this couple’s family life will be happy and prosperous if the groom carries the bride on a sloping path and never trips. There are only 99 steps from the starting point to the threshold of the church.

Slovenia: strange laws and customs of the country

Life in the country flows slowly and leisurely. There are practically no traffic jams in Slovenia and it is very convenient to travel by car. There are never any queues and the working day rarely ends after four. On weekdays the shops work until 7 p.m. and on Saturday or Sunday – only until 1 p.m. The work schedule is stricter only in large malls that open late.

What not to do in Slovenia

  • Insist on paying for your companion’s dinner. Women react differently to such displays of gallantry, so the gentleman may be held responsible for sexism.
  • Don’t talk about anything. Locals do not tolerate empty conversations, although they willingly willingly show tourists the way.
  • Swear and smoke in public places. This is viewed as a serious violation of the regulation and is punishable by heavy fines.
  • Ride a bike without a helmet or bell. The rule applies to children under the age of 14, but the fine must be paid to the parents.
  • Treat dogs with disrespect. There is a law even regulating the order of the daily feeding of these human friends. It is noteworthy, but the dog’s place of residence and the procedure for communicating with him will be determined in the divorce court.

Above all else, punctuality is important. To create real motivation for residents to pay fines, the government invented an interesting law. If a fine is paid within the first seven days of its payment, the amount is reduced by half.

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