Goa declared as India’s most Vegan-Pleasant State

it may sound surprising to many, but it is the truth. One of the most popular beach destinations in India, Goa has been named the Vegan Friendly State of 2020 by People With Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

One of the country’s top tourism destinations, #Goa, has been recognized by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (@PetaIndia) as India’s “Most Vegan Friendly State” for 2020, an official statement said on Saturday. Said a statement from PETA INDIA on his Twitter account.

On Saturday, PETA India also congratulated Prime Minister Pramod Sawant for providing a vegan-friendly environment in the state where both humans and animals can thrive.

“Goa is quickly becoming a top restaurant for more and more people who are interested in healthy and cruel food. PETA India recognizes Goa as a role model and shows other countries how to meet the growing demand for vegan food and fashion in style, ”said Dr. Kiran Ahuja, Vegan Public Relations Coordinator in India at PETA

He continued, “In today’s meat, egg and dairy industries, chickens have their throats cut while conscious, fish suffocate on the decks of fishing boats, pigs are stabbed in the heart when they scream in pain, and Calves are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth. “

It’s more surprising that the beach state now has plenty of vegan-friendly restaurants like Zest, Blue Planet Cafe, Bean Me Up, Soul Booster Bar, Cafe Tato’s, and Chia Lounge. They also have vegetarian-friendly cafes to visit if you are planning to visit Goa.

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