Help the native weaving business: Likhang HABI Market Truthful goes on-line for the primary time

The Likhang HABI Market Fair goes online for the first time

M.anila, Philippines – HABI: The Philippine Textile Council continues to provide platforms for local weavers to introduce more people to their work.

Created by HABI Online Market Fair

This year the Likhang HABI Market Fair goes online for the first time from October 21st to 27th at The annual fair used to be held at the Glorietta Activity Center.

“Since we are not allowed to gather in large groups due to the pandemic, the online edition of the HABI market fair in Likhang is our way of maintaining the local weaving economy,” says HABI President Adelaida Lim. “And we challenge our HABI friends on to join us. “

Siegrid Bangyay PotterySiegrid Bangyay Pottery

The Likhang HABI Online Market Fair is a pioneer at craft fairs and in local textile representation and shows sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle products from over 30 retailers who represent various web communities from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Since 2009, HABI has provided platforms for traditional weavers and local web communities to further improve their creative design and modern marketing skills by sharing ideas with consumers, designers and retailers. The Likhang HABI Market Fair enables them to innovate and adapt to modern trends.

Maribel Ongpin, Chair of HABI The Philippine Textile CouncilMaribel Ongpin, Chair of HABI The Philippine Textile Council

“There are many beautiful fabrics from the different regions of our country. One of our main goals at HABI is to ensure that our traditional textiles are still part of our modern lifestyle as we transition to the new normal, ”says HAIB chairman Maribel Ongpin.

HABI also continues its long-term commitment and advocacy for revitalizing the use of pure Filipino cotton, a fiber that is an integral part of Filipino culture. HABI has partnered with the Philippine Fiber Development Agency (PHILFIDA) to provide cotton seeds and threads to our local farmer for his cotton adoption project to encourage more weavers to use pure cotton in their products.

Bicol sweetgrass handicraftsBicol sweetgrass handicrafts

Learn with HABI

In addition to the online fair, there will also be a series of webinars and a four-day online summit in line with HABI’s mission to promote Filipino culture and heritage.

For this year HABI Nayong Pilipino is supporting Mga Hibla ng Pamana: A summit on weaving as an intangible cultural heritage. The four-day online summit aims to discuss how different sectors of the country come together to protect and preserve traditional web practices and traditions.

Mana PHMana PH

HABI is also working with CulturAid, Kularts, House of Gongs, and Museo ng Muntinlupa to present the first international voices from the Field Program, which includes a series of webinars on Filipino Identity and Contemporary Cultural Practice in the Philippines and the Philippines the diaspora.

This series of webinars aims to connect interdisciplinary voices and encourage dialogue to better understand how our diverse experiences as Filipinos have shaped our thinking, moving and learning. The full schedule for lectures and webinars can be found at and @habifair on Instagram.

In addition to the webinars, the latest work by the Filipino textile experts Dr. Norma Respicio and Gayle Zialcita “Weaving Ways: Filipino Styles and Techniques” will be available. The book covers the various weaving communities in the Philippines, their history and traditions, and the various weaving styles and techniques used by Filipino weavers.

Ylo Ylocos Heritage HandicraftsYlo Ylocos Heritage Handicrafts

3. Lourdes Montinola Piña Prize

Another highlight of the annual Likhang HABI Market Fair is the Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Competition. This competition, which is now in its third year, recognizes exceptional craftsmanship and mastery of the delicate process of turning pineapple threads into works of art.

The competition is open to all Filipino artisans who weave, dye, embroider, or embellish piña. Interested participants can submit their contributions until October 15th.

Laida Lim, President of HABI The Philippine Textile CouncilLaida Lim, President of HABI The Philippine Textile Council

“The competition has given us great encouragement over the years because it brings new talent and revives old techniques. We always look forward to the surprises this competition will bring, ”says Adelaida Lim.

The judges of the 3rd Lourdes Montinola Piña Web Competition are the Filipino fashion designers Leslie Mobo and Len Cabili and the Piña textile expert and food historian Felice Sta. Maria.

For more information on the Likhang HABI Online Market Fair, the series of webinars and other HABI stakeholders, please visit or follow and Instagram @habifair.

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