Highway journey getaway from Bengaluru to InterContinental Chennai Staycation

Intercontinental Chennai holds a special place in my list of hotels as it has helped me host blogger get-togethers and I have blogged a lot about my stay here at IC Chennai.

During these difficult times, I made sure that the recovering hotel industry, in which it stayed high and dry without tourists or visitors, had a little helping hand. So I had been there to allow for a stay and brief my followers on the safety and standard hygiene that are maintained here at InterContinental Chennai.

So I made my way from Bengaluru to Chennai, where I checked on the route how interstate travel works, and then made my way to IC Chennai.

When I got to the destination, I was checked for the temperature at the entrance and was then allowed in. We received a contactless room orientation with F&B norms. When we arrived we were given immune booster drinks and a short video tutorial on the rooms and facilities available at the hotel location. While it wasn’t new to me, I checked it out for the security it was pursuing and felt safe staying here without worrying about the deadly virus. The entire place is regularly disinfected and industrial grade disinfectants are used.

When I checked in it was time for lunch and we had the option to dine in the room. F&B norms are strictly followed here and we ordered lunch and it was delivered to the hotel room with contactless delivery.

After lunch after free time, we had rest and a rejuvenating experience at the spa where I had an aura cleansing ritual / therapy with reflexology for 60 minutes. After the spa session there was free time and I waited for dinner to be served at the Tao of Peng.

The Tao of Peng is an on-site restaurant in IC Chennai. For the dish, we were offered special dishes such as Dimsum Art & Dessert Art, which were specially designed by the chef. It was a really impressive experience with the food and to say here all the dishes sounded quaint and were equally tasty.

As I completed my first day of stay at IC Chennai, I was looking forward to my second day here.

Day 2 of my stay at IC Chennai started early with the thought of fitness, where we were taken to a fitness center and I worked out. I also did a morning run in the garden and beach which made me sweat. Walking on the beach is certainly more difficult than walking on the street and I’ve sweated a lot and that’s a good thing. It was breakfast time and according to F&B norms, I was offered breakfast in the room.

It was a day of leisure where I rested and rested once after breakfast. It was noon by the time I had a health-friendly thali at The Melting Pot, an on-site restaurant, and explored the hotel and the surrounding areas. It was soon dinner and dinner was offered at KoKoMMo, another on-site restaurant in IC Chennai.

At KoKoMMo we were introduced to various foods, including the fresh catch of the day and many others. It was a learning experience for me and on the last and last day of my stay here I had an amazing experience.

Day 3 and final day I returned to my home in Bengaluru and this 2 day stay at IC Chennai was amazing, where all staff and hotel authorities followed Covid-19 safety protocols. Social distancing and the use of masks were mandatory in public places or where people gather most.

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