IGI sees air site visitors raised by 21%

With air traffic halted from March 23rd due to the effects of the coronavirus lockdown, recent studies have shown air traffic to have increased 21% when the flight resumed.

According to the shared data, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport accounted for 37% of total air traffic movements in the country between May 25 and August 25, when domestic flights were allowed to resume, an airport operator at IGI Airport said .

The airport operator said DIAL handled at least 21% more domestic air traffic, which was more than before the Covid period.

Air traffic movement was halted in the country from March 25 to cope with the spread of Covid-19, and after two months the government allowed flight operations for domestic destinations since May.

While domestic flights have resumed, international destinations with the exception of the Vande Bharat Mission and select destinations with which India shares a bubble will continue to be held. However, any route in domestic destinations is permitted where passengers can board and follow state Covid-19 regulations set up by the specific state government.

The details of the IGI airport also stated that in the first nine weeks after resuming operations, the airport saw a significant increase in the number of domestic planes compared to the pre-covid traffic. Before Covid-19, the airport received 18% of the country’s domestic flights, but after resuming operations that number rose to 26%. Domestic visitor numbers were around 893,000 and since the resumption of flights the average number of visitors has increased to 999,000.

The official explained this, saying that Delhi Airport has better domestic connections than other airports in the country and therefore the number of visitors has increased. When the airport opened, international travelers flew to Delhi and then continued on to their destination, which increased the number of visitors to IGI.

The official mentioned that due to the increasing number of visitors and government regulations being imposed, they were unable to start operations and therefore transferred to Delhi Airport. This resulted in many passengers booking round-trip tickets from Delhi Airport.

The Vande Bharat Mission handled around 36% of the country’s international passengers at Delhi Airport, and before Covid-19 it handled 27% of international passengers.

“In the past, the ATC handled an average of 1,300 flight operations at Delhi Airport in one day. After May 25, when the airspace reopened, traffic had slowed and the ATC was only handling about 20-30% of daily flights before Covid. But that is changing and the aviation sector is slowly picking up speed and daily air traffic is back to almost 50-60% (the time before Covid), “said the official.

With the increasing traffic, the airport officials have decided to open Terminal 2 for handling, as only Terminal 3 was currently open to tourists.

Go Air will start operations from Terminal 02 on October 1st and Indigo will partially relocate the flight back to T2. T01 is currently being expanded and will remain closed until further notice.

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