Luxurious Staycation Expertise at Conrad Bengaluru

Conrad Bengaluru is one of the upscale and fantastic hotels I have always dreamed of. Conrad Bengaluru is located in central Bengaluru off MG Road and is one of the best places foreign visitors to stay and experience the luxury on offer.

During the troubled time of the Covid-19 pandemic, I had the opportunity to stay at one of the hotels that I had on my list. I immediately took the opportunity and waited for the D-day I had done all my preparations for staying here and visiting the upscale Conrad for the stay.

I left home to reach the location and was screened at the entrance where my body temperature was measured with an infrared thermometer and let in. The luggage was disinfected and we were given a disinfectant to disinfect, collected basic details and checked the Aarogya Setu app. Once we checked into the hotel. The location has a contactless check-in where every detail is digital.

Half an hour after our check-in we received tea / coffee in the caraway kitchen and were informed about the restaurant. And at lunchtime we had lunch in the caraway kitchen and also had the opportunity to witness the battle of the cooks.

After the delicious and appetizing lunch was ready, we had a personal conversation with chef Praveen Shetty, who informed us about the safety and hygiene standards, which are observed with the greatest care on site. From cleaning the vegetables to the utensils, from blow-drying the dinner plates and spoons / forks, the hotel offers no room for infections to spread. Praveen Shetty let us know how the hotel has tried to maintain hygiene since the pandemic started.

Later, after talking to Praveen Shetty, it was a free time and from 7:30 p.m. there was a cocktail and music evening at Tiamo, an in-house restaurant and pub in Conrad Bengaluru. After a night of experience, I returned to my room for day 2 of my stay at Conrad Bengaluru.

Day 2 started early and the first thing I found as a newfound love that is fitness. The training session with the trainer in the fitness center was extensive and it was time for a healthy breakfast from Caraway Kitchen. It was tasty and hygienic and healthy. After breakfast I had a relaxing spa session for an hour and at the time of the spa session it was noon at the Caraway Kitchen which I tried on the first day and which I enjoy trying today.

Shortly after lunch, which filled me up, there was some free time during which I was informed that the hotel team at Mikusu, an in-house restaurant at Conrad, will be presenting a new menu. Around 7:30 pm, I visited Mikusu and experienced the magic of food preparation and received the list of new menus in the restaurant. Enjoyed the new menu and returned to the hotel room for day 3 and the final day at the Conrad.

My last stay at Conrad Bengaluru started in the Caraway Kitchen, where I was served breakfast, and was the time for a show round of the hotel that included a tour of the hotel lobby, banquet floor, grand ballroom, junior ballroom and the Restaurants received like Mikusu, Tiamo, Infinity Pool, Fitness Center and Spa. All of these locations have followed covid-19’s government established security protocols. The staff and visitors are often informed of information, activities, things to do, etc. and this has ensured me that Conrad is a perfect place to stay after things open.

Shortly after the briefing, we received lunch and a good farewell, which ended my stay at Conrad Bengaluru.

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