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Does the “beautiful” in “beautiful goals” stand for the places they cover or for the face that stands in front of them? A sharp-tongued colleague asked me this question when we met Jeremy Jauncey at an international blogger event a few years ago. A few minutes later, when she was inspecting a photo I had taken of her and Jeremy, she pointed to an overexposed section of Katrina Kaif that had found its way into the frame and said, “See, even Katrina can’t make his megawatt smile! “

The handsome brothers Jeremy and Tom Jauncey are behind Beautiful Destinations, a social media-led travel community founded in 2012 that is now a marketing platform for tour operators around the world. In 2017 they were ranked as one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company Magazine.

Hundreds of clones have since emerged in the world of digital media, recreating the platform Jaunceys founded. Nevertheless, the two brothers managed to stand out from the competition. Innovative photography, daring and adventure as well as clever integration techniques have kept their content relevant and unique. But many would agree that the driving force is the two brothers’ human prowess and willingness to face the camera on their own social media or otherwise if necessary.

“Investing in undiscovered talent around the world, building relationships with platforms and technology companies, and innovating in this area is at the core of what we do.”

Jeremy is a retired rugby player and offers frequent health and fitness advice. He is also a global ambassador for the World Wildlife Foundation and is committed to sustainable tourism.

When Jeremy started his 14-day Q&A column for the Hindustan Times Brunch on September 13, 2020, he answered a few questions that reflect his enthusiasm to connect with fans and readers from a country that is actually a continent : India!

Jeremy, you started Beautiful Destinations as a passion project that has become a role model for startups around the world. Briefly tell us how it came about. Did you expect it to be that big?

It started as a passion project with no business plan, but with the firm belief that travel is a driving force in the world and that one day it would be of value to inspire people to travel, to respect others and the environment. Fortunately, others felt the same way!

Clockwise: Jeremy Jauncey with his partner Pia Wurtzbach on Santorini (inset); The blogger rides in Giza; His first trip from New York after the Coronavirus Lockdown (Inset); with Pia in Milos, Greece; His company was named the most innovative company in the world in 2017

How did you manage to keep Beautiful Destinations above the other travel and adventure content companies that showed up as copies of BD?

We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest content. Investing in undiscovered talent around the world, building relationships with platforms and technology companies, and innovating in this area are at the heart of what we do. My brother Tom leads all of these efforts.

Tell us about your experience in India.

I have been to New Delhi many times and have mentioned in interviews in the past how much I enjoy meeting Indians. The warmth, hospitality and pride always come through. Even so, there really is so much more to do in India and we plan to increase our presence in the country very soon.

Tell us about these plans.

I would like to connect with Indian content creators, hotel professionals and entrepreneurs across India. Please contact us as we are looking for partners. A direct message on Instagram is the best way;)

Congratulations on your new HT Brunch column. What kind of questions do you want to answer as you connect with your Indian fans?

Thanks to Hindustan Times and Brunch for inviting me to join. When answering questions I would also like to know more about where to go, especially non-touristic places and places that would benefit most from the development of the new tourism. I also look forward to connecting with entrepreneurs and executives who want to learn from me how to build a global digital business and vice versa.

Jeremy Jauncey’s new bi-weekly column on HT Brunch, answering all travel-related questions, debuts September 13th. Contact the HT social media handles to get in touch

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From the HT brunch on September 13, 2020

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