Now book your prepare ticket by Amazon, no service cost and enticing cashback provided; here is how you are able to do it

Amazon India has decided to partner with IRCTC to offer its users a booking service for train tickets through its Android and iOS apps.

Updated: Thu October 08, 2020 12:54 PM IST

New Delhi | Jagran Business Desk: To help thousands of rail travelers across the country, Amazon India has decided to partner with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to offer a rail ticket booking service for its Android and iOS apps.

A statement from the e-commerce website said that passengers who book train tickets under the Amazon Pay tab in the app will receive cashback of up to Rs 100 on their first train ticket.

The company has also stated that passengers who are members of Amazon Prime can get up to 12 percent off their first booking. It should be noted, however, that the offer is only valid for a certain period of time.

“For the introductory phase, has waived service and payment gateway transaction fees. With this introduction, Amazon Pay is adding a further travel category and thus offering its customers a single point of contact for booking flights, bus and train tickets.” Amazon India said in a statement.

According to Amazon, this feature also allows users to check their seat and quota availability in all train classes. It was pointed out that the fees for service and payment gateway transactions were also waived for the “introductory phase”.

Passengers can also check PNR status, Amazon India said, adding that customers will receive an instant refund in the event of cancellations when booking tickets through the app.

“We are excited to partner with IRCTC and take another step forward to make life easy and convenient for our customers. Last year we launched flights and bus booking on Amazon,” said Vikas Bansal, Director of Amazon Pay.

“With the ability to book reserved train tickets on our platform, we enable travel in any mode preferred by customers. Over time, the Amazon app has become a one-stop destination for shopping and paying for several other use cases . Customers love the convenience we offer when shopping and paying – all in one app, “he added.

How to book your tickets through Amazon Pay:

Step 1) Open your Amazon app and switch to the Amazon Pay tab

Step 2) Select the Trains and Travel category

Step 3) Enter your desired destination and travel dates

Step 4) Choose the appropriate move

Step 5) Now make the payment. You can either pay Amazon Pay Balance or choose another digital payment method

Written by: Aalok Sensharma

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