Now you can book a lie-flat financial system seat with Lufthansa

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Move, Skycouch! The new “Sleeper’s Row” from Lufthansa gives the sofa-style seating arrangement from Air New Zealand a kilometer-long run.

Traveling may not be your priority right now, but for travelers flying a specific route with Lufthansa, this enhanced economic experience could make the flight far more enjoyable.

Selected image courtesy of Lufthansa.

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Selected image courtesy of Lufthansa.

The German-based airline is testing its new lie-flat economy product on flights 506 and 507 between Frankfurt (FRA) and São Paulo (Brazil) (GRU).

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With what is known as Sleeper’s Row, you can book three or even four adjacent seats in a row, regardless of whether you want to stretch out for less luxury or simply secure more personal space on the next flight.

In addition to all of the extra space (and the reassurance that you won’t have seatmates to deal with) travelers who book Sleeper’s Row get some business class perks: a premium pillow, topper, and blanket as well Priority boarding.

This is not an insignificant step up from Air New Zealand’s Skycouch experience, which only takes place every three seats and does not include priority boarding.

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Unfortunately, you don’t have much time left to test this product during the trial period. Sleeper’s Row is currently available to travelers with an economy ticket on eligible flights until mid-December.

a large passenger jet sits on a runway: (Photo by Britta Pedersen / Image alliance via Getty Images)

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(Photo by Britta Pedersen / Image Alliance via Getty Images)

To book Sleeper’s Row, all you have to do is show up at the airport and show someone your interest when you check-in for your flight or at the gate. The cost of upgrading to a full row with three or four seats is 220 euros.

According to the airline, the number of Sleeper’s Rows on offer is “limited” per flight and, depending on availability, will be given to passengers who “show interest in our ground crew”. If you would like to learn about this product, we recommend that you arrive early for your flight.

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All you need to know is that the initial cost of your ticket isn’t cheap. In general, one-way flights from Frankfurt to São Paulo with Lufthansa in December cost around USD 2,006.

It is currently not clear whether Lufthansa intends to make Sleeper’s Row a permanent product or to introduce it on other routes.

Selected image courtesy of Lufthansa.

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