Now you may book flights and accommodations

Rappi Travel offers more than 250,000 hotels worldwide as well as the main airlines operating in the country and in the world.

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October 19, 2020 4 min read

This article has been translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

  • You can now book trips in Rappi using the new “Rappi Travel” button, with great benefits such as 20% “Cashback” on Rappicredits that you can use in the first few months of operation within the same APP.
  • Some of the confirmed partners around the world are Expedia, Omnibees and Hotelbeds. In Mexico the main hotel chains will take part.

Rappi announced the launch of its new vertical Rappi Travel this Friday through which users can find and book their trips. With this in mind, the platform has a wide range of offers for flights and accommodation. Tourist packages and rental cars will be offered shortly.

“Rappi Travel is a product that fits in very well with our growth and consolidation strategy as the first super app in Latin America. In this sense, travel is an integral part of connecting users to their needs in one place. We are obsessed with continuing In order to serve and surprise users, we have focused on offering the best brands and we have key partners in the travel and tourism industries, “said Alejandro Solís, CEO of Rappi in Mexico. .

The Rappi Travel button is already available in the app and offers flights from the main airlines operating national and international flights, as well as from some hotel chains such as Grupo Presidente.

“For the launch of this product, we are offering a 20% refund of the purchase price in Rappicréditos or, as we call it in Rappi, as cashback that can be used to purchase another product offered in the app. Rappi Travel There are already intelligent notifications of prices and flight changes without having to call a call center, as well as payment methods and loyalty programs in one place, ”added Alejandro Solís.

The manager pointed out that the main goal of this new industry is to continue to provide solutions to users’ needs and to have the experience to buy their trips quickly, easily and digitally.

As an introductory offer, anyone who buys a Rappi Travel product in the next three months will receive a return in Rappicréditos equal to 20% of the total value of the purchase to use in the Rappi app.

Rappi’s travel technology

In order for the new button to be fully integrated into the SuperApp, Rappi has acquired the technology from Netactica, a company specializing in travel technology. In this way, the connection with more than 50 different systems and partners such as Amadeus, Saber, Expedia, Hotelbeds and Omnibees was established.

Photo: Instagram Rappi

Rappi Travel developed the entire user experience (UX) and integration with its ecosystem “in-house”, using its experience in mobile application development and based on feedback from SuperApp users, to ensure that the buying experience is complete and simple.

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