Our Romantic Getaway on the Esterel Resort

The Esterel Resort has two sides: evolution and emotion. We stayed at Emotion and were very happy to have a spacious and luxurious suite with a view of the beautiful pools, spas and Lake Dupuis.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we were excited to see how the resort would handle the situation. I have to say they did it so brilliantly! On arrival everyone has their body temperature checked very easily with the help of a tablet. We just had to put our face in front of it and voilà! In addition, everyone is very respectful and friendly and wears a warm smile under the mask. After all, all the tables we ate at were disinfected beforehand with a UV-C lamp. It was very comforting!

Our suite had a large balcony where we could relax and enjoy the sunrise over the lake. We also had a two-faced fireplace separating the bedroom from the living room, a super comfy king bed, and a deep bath that opened onto the master bed. It was perfect for our romantic weekend! We also had a functional kitchen and lots of storage space. My little black dress didn’t have all the wrinkles ????

Stays at the Esterel Resort can be either à la carte or all-inclusive. There aren’t many all-inclusive hotels in Quebec, Canada. The Esterel Resort is definitely a top choice!

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