Prospects purchased a struggling bar’s complete beer inventory to maintain it in enterprise

(CNN) – A Toronto bar owner says her business will survive the coronavirus pandemic thanks to loyal customers who bought their entire beer supply, giving her a much-needed cash boost.

Abra Shiner opened her Swan Dive bar in the Brockton Village neighborhood of Toronto, Canada five years ago. After the restrictions of Covid-19 forced them to close the doors, Shiner decided to reach out to her community for help via Facebook.

“We used up our savings and I wasn’t sure I could pay rent towards the end of the month,” Shiner told CNN. “So I wrote on Facebook and asked people to buy the beer we had in our warehouse … and it worked. The post went viral.”

In just two days, the post had over 20,000 views and people from all over the community came to Swan Dive to show their support.

“People were just coming out of the wood, some people we hadn’t seen in years,” Shiner said.

The Swan Dive offers 35 craft beers and typically stocks two or three cases of each beer. Shiner says she was able to sell over 90 boxes and now only has two.

“Our church totally saved us,” Shiner said.

She says the money from the beer sales combined with the federal rent subsidy will keep the business afloat until she can safely reopen in March.

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