Royal Caribbean: ‘Huge mistake’ to book a cruise vacation ‘primarily based on value’ | Cruise | Travel

This year cruise holidays have been suspended for the majority of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, with vaccine announcements offering new hope for fighting the virus, many avid vacationers could turn their attention to booking a cruise in the future.

While those on a budget may think that opting for one of the cheaper cruises is in their best interests, a Royal Caribbean expert has said it doesn’t necessarily.

In fact, according to the major cruise line, it could be a “big mistake” to be led by price.

In a new blog post that described the “Top 10 Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise,” an expert explained why the cost of your cruise might not be the be-all and end-all.

In a video, Royal Caribbean explains: “We all have vacation budgets, but choosing a cruise based only on price is a big mistake.

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The wonder of the seas, for example, is home to the highest water slide at sea, perfect for thrill seekers.

In the meantime, the Odyssey of the Seas promises culinary offerings from all over the world.

“Before you book, be sure to take a look at what the ship has and can’t offer on board, and then decide if it’s a good choice for you,” the cruise company said.

“But if you just look at the price and then choose a ship from there, you will be very disappointed when you get on that ship later.”

The good news is that for vacationers looking to book cruises in the future, Black Friday is just around the corner.

With annual sales, all kinds of travel and vacation companies tend to join in to brighten up the winter months with impressive savings.

Although Royal Caribbean hasn’t yet announced whether it will participate in this year’s Black Friday sales event, last year the cruise line put on deals on Friday and the following Monday – known as Cyber ​​Monday.

The cyber weekend sale offered a 60 percent discount on a second guest as well as free travel for children.

There was also savings of up to $ 300 (£ 227.45) on every purchase.

In addition, the cruise line offered cash on items prior to purchase.

This includes a 50 percent discount on beverage packages, 65 percent discount on the Internet, up to 30 percent discount on shore excursions and up to 55 percent discount on specialty packages.

Vacationers need to keep their eyes peeled to see if Royal Caribbean launches a similar sale in 2020.

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