Sabarimala Temple to be opened to devotees

The Sabarimala Temple will be open to devotees from 5 days from Friday in the Malayalam month of Thulam.

In the midst of the coronavirus, the temple opens and according to the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB), only 250 people are allowed to visit in a single day. Booking is based on availability and a virtual queue for the portal is open to the public.

For pilgrims who want to visit, the Covid-19 test report is mandatory and must be done 48 hours before reaching Pamba. If you have not taken the Covid-19 test, you can take the test in the Nilackal base camp. Due to the coronavirus, followers are not allowed to bathe in the pampas. However, special showers have been set up for pilgrims to bathe in.

In addition, the board of directors announced that toilet and sanitary facilities with disinfectants, soaps and water have been installed in Pampa, Nilakkal and Sannidhanam, and that these will be installed in different places.

Devotees must ascend and descend on Swami Ayappan Road and special markings have been made for devotees to perform darshan and sannidham. This is followed via the Covid-19 rules and regulations.

None of the followers are allowed to stay in the Sabarimala as accommodation is not allowed. In addition to the regular pujas, Udayasthamana poojas and Padi poojas are also held, the TDB said.

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