Saudi Arabia suspends travel to and from three international locations attributable to rising Covid circumstances.

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia suspended air traffic from countries in India, Brazil and Argentina due to increasing cases of Covid-19. Individuals with a history of travel who have visited any of the above countries have been excluded.

The issue was made available by the General Civil Aviation Authority where it said: “Suspension of travel to and from the following countries (India, Brazil and Argentina), including anyone who has been in any of the above (14) days in the past Countries were in the kingdom before their arrival. “

This came after Saudi Arabia recently partially lifted the suspension of international flights where the minister said, “The kingdom will end all restrictions on air, land and sea transport for Saudi citizens after January 1 of next year.”

Saudi Arabia has also allowed participation in the Umrah pilgrimage. Starting October 4th, pilgrims residing in the country can participate in the annual pilgrimage, which was closed for 7 months due to COVID-19 cases.

Last year 19 million people witnessed an Umrah pilgrimage in the country, and as of March, Saudi was banned. Now that the rules are relaxed with the restrictions in place, Saudi Arabia will now allow 6,000 citizens and residents in the kingdom to perform umrah daily.

Beginning November 1st, the country will allow visitors from certain countries that are considered safe to perform Umrah with 100% attendance with revamped capacity and will continue until the pandemic ends.

The Haj Pilgrimage is one of the largest gatherings Saudi Arabia witnesses, with over 3 million visitors a year, and this year it has to be done with limited capacity.

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