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I Read Bacon du Bedat for the first time in a charming book called A Pike in the Basement – Tales of a Hungry Traveler, written by wine author Simon Loftus. First released in 1987, it is delightful, idiosyncratic and unconventional at the same time. essentially a young man’s travel diary, neatly punctuated by the occasional recipe. But it’s this weird bacon that’s the star for me. While the idea of ​​a toasted sandwich with bacon, smoked salmon, and mango chutney is strange, it’s surprisingly tasty and very grumpy.

Power 4
bacon 12 thin slices or good quality pre-cut pancetta
White or black bread 8 thin slices (I really like it when it’s made with sliced ​​hovis)
unsalted butter softens
Mango chutney 2 sparse tablespoons (I use the Sharwood brand squeeze tube)
smoked salmon 4 thin slices
freshly ground black pepper a lot of

Place the bacon on the rack of a grill pan and cook over moderate heat. Turn it once until it is crispy and golden brown. Place in one layer on a large plate and keep warm – under the grill when it is switched off would be a good idea.

Toast the bread and spread it with butter. Then spread each slice generously with the mango chutney. Place 3 slices of the warm bacon on 4 slices of the bread smeared with butter and chutney and top each with a slice of smoked salmon. Finally, pour the remaining 4 slices of toast over it and squeeze well but carefully. Cut off the crusts if you’d like (I wish), cut diagonally in half and eat right away. A rare pleasure.

By Simon Hopkinson Cooks by Simon Hopkinson (Ebury, £ 25)

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