Skyroam Solis X Overview: The Final Travel WiFi Hotspot

With the Skyroam global hotspot, there are no hidden fees other than the initial service charge. You only ever pay for what you use, which is great as I don’t like being tied to contracts.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the cost of each subscription:

The Unlimited Monthly Subscription ($ 99)

If you subscribe to the unlimited monthly subscription and your Skyroam WiFi service, it will auto-renew every 30 days for a fee of $ 99.

You can cancel the subscription at any time. However, make sure to do so within 4 days of the scheduled auto-renewal date. Otherwise, you will be charged again $ 99 for the subscription for the following month.

The GoDATA Subscription ($ 9 per month)

When you subscribe to the Skyroam GoDATA subscription, 1 gigabyte is automatically uploaded to your Skyroam account for $ 9 per month.

If 1 GB is not enough, you can always purchase additional gigabytes. You also have the option to enable the automatic reload feature so that the desired GB amount is loaded when the balance reaches zero.

You can unsubscribe at any time. However, make sure you do this within 4 days of the scheduled auto-renewal or you will be charged again.

The Global Daypass ($ 9 per day)

When you buy the Global Daypass you have 24 hours of continuous WiFi connection with Skyroam for just $ 9.

Your data is unlimited so you won’t run out of a certain limit. However, speeds may vary depending on your location and type of use. Excessive use during your WiFi connection can result in slower data speeds, especially if you use cloud sync for larger backups or continuous video streaming.

Skyroam is not optimized for heavy streaming like Netflix or YouTube!

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