Skyscanner skilled explains the way to use versatile travel to book with confidence for 2021

Skyscanner’s US travel expert, Mark Crossey, provides expert advice on using flexible travel when booking future trips.

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“Many airlines have phased out domestic fare change fees indefinitely and extended the removal of international change fees to 2021. The emergence of truly flexible travel fares has not gone unnoticed, and US travelers are taking advantage of these benefits. Skyscanner has been addressing these trends responds with a range of safer measures, smarter travel features that allow US travelers to confidently book that they are getting the right price, with the right extra extras.

What is a flexible ticket?
“In general, a flexible plane ticket is a ticket that allows for changes or cancellations without charge with a lower than usual fee or other condition that makes it easier for the traveler to change their plans. Many airlines have agreed to cancel these.” Changes in overall fees in response to the uncertainty created by the pandemic.

“When searching with Skyscanner’s” Flexible Ticket “option, this feature shows which airlines have changed their booking conditions. The filter only shows airlines that offer flexible tickets, or hotels and rental cars with free cancellation. And if you have your i’s want to mark when you tick your T’s, we also link directly to the airline’s booking guidelines so you can check all of the fine print.

“While Skyscanner always does its best to give you the most up-to-date prices and policies, it is important to check the terms of your specific ticket at the time of booking to ensure that you are fully informed of the details of its change policy.”

Can I buy a flight ticket without a fixed date?
“You need to set a date when you book most flights. However, if you buy a flexible ticket, you can postpone the flight date and time until the ticket is valid (usually, but not always, one year from the date of purchase ) ends. “

Which airlines offer flexible flight tickets?
“There are several airlines offering flexible flights through the end of this year and beyond. Some have even expanded their change fees and cancellation policies.

“During 2020 we made some changes to our website and app to make it even easier to find flexible tickets. Simply select the” Flexible tickets only “check box or select the check box to only display those for which flexible tickets are available Policies apply. “

American Airlines: “Exit October 2020American is currently offering free changes and cancellations on all tickets, including Basic Economy fares booked through December 31, 2020. “

Delta Airlines: “Like American, Delta allows its customers to change and, if necessary, reimburse all trips booked until the end of 2020. Delta has also extended the validity of all tickets until the end of 2022.”

United Airlines: “United states on their website that the airline will permanently eliminate change fees, presumably even after the end of the pandemic. Note that you will have to pay any price difference.”

Southwest Airlines: “Unlike most other airlines, Southwest never charged a ticket change fee and that has continued throughout the pandemic.”

Alaska Airlines: “While Alaska allows free changes to flights booked through at least the end of 2020, your flight may not be refundable, especially if it is a saver fare.”

How can I make sure my hotel booking is flexible?
“When you book flexible flights, you also want to be able to change or cancel your accommodation booking. This way, you can now book flexible travel for your entire trip and decide if it’s okay later.

“Searching for a flexible hotel price is slightly different from searching for flights. When you have completed your hotel search with Skyscanner, navigate down the sidebar or tap” Sort & Filter “in the results at the bottom of the app, Activate or uncheck the Free Cancellation option. “

Are rental car bookings flexible?
“Flexible rental car bookings generally mean that you can cancel up to 48 hours in advance for free or for a small fee.

“Complete your search on Skyscanner as usual and activate the” Free Cancellation “checkbox in the left sidebar under the heading” Cancellation Policy “.

“When you’re searching on our app, just tap the ‘Filters’ button before you finish your search and check the ‘Free Cancellation’ box to ensure your results are flexible from the start.”

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