Southwest Airways has landed on the Palm Springs Worldwide Airport

“This is a historic moment for our city, our airport, and our community,” Pro Tem Christy Holstege, Mayor of Palm Springs, told News Channel 3.

Southwest Airlines landed at Palm Springs International Airport. A ribbon cutting ceremony greeted the airlines on Sunday morning.

“People have been working for a decade to bring the southwest here,” said Holstege.

Now people can fly to and from Phoenix, Oakland and Denver on Southwest Airlines.

“Palm Springs has always been on our list of the places we wanted to go,” Adam Decaire, vice president of network planning for Southwest Airlines, told News Channel 3 during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

We asked Decaire if they would like to add more flights in the future.

“We will pay attention to the demand and the number of people who want to fly us and our customers’ needs and then we will respond accordingly. If people choose to fly us we will add more service,” said Decaire.

Al Jones, chairman of the Palm Springs International Airport Commission, said this addition will be a great economic engine.

“It will greatly increase the economic vitality of Coachella Valley and the City of Palm Springs,” said Jones.

Unlike some airlines at the airport, Southwest Airlines operates year round. They won’t be seasonal.

In light of recent travel advisories that put people under quarantine for 14 days after traveling from other states to California or between cities, Holstege addressed the importance of safe travel in the pandemic.

“The city is working incredibly hard to keep people safe during the pandemic. That is why we need masks at the airport, in the city center and in our companies. That’s why we work hard to keep our residents, businesses and workers safe, knowing that people are still out and about, “she said.

Southwest Airlines has announced that their flights will leave the center seat vacant through November 30th. They say their flights have an air filtration system that pumps clean air every two to three minutes.

Palm Springs International Airport is also giving away two round-trip tickets for the airline. It is part of the new “Choose Your Adventure” campaign that runs until November 20th. You can join, like, or follow Palm Springs International Airport on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and comment on the airport’s “Choose Your Adventure” postings.

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