Staycation at Sheraton Grand Whitefield Submit Covid-19

After a long 6 month hiatus of not venturing away from home for travel or other promotional activities that kept me busy for many years, I had the opportunity to stay at the Sheraton Grand Whitefield, one of the premier hotels and convention centers in Bangalore.

Due to the pandemic, India has been under lockdown since March 23rd, and with an increasing number of cases in May / June, the Karnataka government decided to extend the lockdown so we couldn’t venture out until the end of August.

But in August, when the travel ban was lifted, quarantine days shortened and many rules smoothed, things slowly started to pick up, and as stores slowly opened they faced another problem, consumer confidence.

Due to the pandemic, tourism was hit hard and airlines and accommodations were hit hard as they saw millions of people every day. Due to the lockdown and fear of Covid-19, people stayed in their home trying to stay healthy.

However, at some point everyone will travel and therefore need a place to stay. How can he better stay overnight in a new place where he adheres to hygiene and cleanliness according to hospital standards and also observes state rules and regulations? It’s in the Sheraton Grand Whitefield.

The Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center is one of the premier hotels in South Bangalore and is close to many offices. I recently had a stay at this hotel. Although I was skeptical when I received information about the stay, I had the full confidence of the hotel as it follows cleanliness and hygiene, as well as safe sanitary practices that are of the utmost importance to people now.

At the Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Convention, you will be checked for temperature as soon as you enter the hotel. The luggage you bring with you will be cleaned and disinfected so that your luggage is disinfected and safe before you check in. You will head to the front desk the first time you discover that the seating and other places where people are usually grouped have been marked and are 2 feet apart. When you check in, you are also some distance from reception, which will provide you with the disinfectant pen for you to sign directly in front of you.

Because cleanliness and disinfection are important, many disinfectants are used and you will be asked to disinfect before moving into the room you plan to stay in. Sheraton has a practice of keeping the room empty for 24 hours after a customer has checked out while the room is fully cleaned with hospital products. All cleaning materials are color coded so that there are no problems at the time of cleaning. Bedding is thoroughly cleaned and dried, pillows and other surfaces are cleaned first with an antibacterial / antiviral solution and then with a spray of hot water that kills most of the viruses present on the surface.

Common objects in hotel rooms such as TV remote controls, AC remote controls, shelves, doors and handles are thoroughly wiped with disinfectant so that no mistakes and dangers arise for a new customer.

Social distancing and disinfection steps have been taken in the lobby, and restaurants are well-maintained, with tables and chairs spaced away, utensils and cutlery being washed with food-grade disinfectant. All food ordered is washed with vegetable cleaners and then placed in hot water for further disinfection. The cutlery is washed and stored in disinfectants. It does not use the same cutlery plates that were washed. They are kept clean for 24 minutes before serving to consumers.

The convention center here is huge and can keep a lot of people busy even with social distancing. All seats and tables have been refurbished and arranged according to social distancing norms. The huge convention center is suitable for meetings and other events and can be booked here without fear.

Various security measures are put in place before checking into the hotel where hotel transportation includes security measures that include a barrier between the driver and the customer. Common points of contact such as doorknobs, window buttons, armrests and seat belts are disinfected after every journey. Points of contact in the hotel such as doors, railings and many such places are refurbished at regular intervals.

With these security measures one can stay without fear of getting infected with the virus. Last time I stayed here, I witnessed firsthand the renovation and other security measures at the Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center. If you want to visit Bangalore and don’t want to worry about staying here, I highly recommend you stay here.

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