Sustaining throughout the lockdown: A travel vlogger’s model

  • Mohammed Salim Khan, Travel Blogger writes how the lockdown caused by pandemics has affected the travel industry and thus travel bloggers.
  • He writes: “When all of this ends and we can travel freely again, I hope that I can continue to connect with my audience as I have done for the past few months.”

Blocking was difficult for everyone, but even more difficult for hikers and hikers. The past few days have been pretty scary and the places that were once major tourist attractions are now deserted. The spread of the coronavirus has unexpectedly brought normal life and travel to a standstill.

As a travel vlogger, I should be on one of my international trips during this time and record interesting content for my YouTube channel. But the content I had planned has now been scrapped – or at least put on hold indefinitely, and I’m grounded in my Mumbai apartment, waiting for the pandemic to end.

The fear of the coronavirus hadn’t crept in when I planned my 2020 itinerary and published my resolution to upload 200 vlogs and do 12 international trips in 365 days. It wasn’t until March that the world reported large numbers of cases and India declared a nationwide lockdown. It has been confirmed that the pandemic could seriously disrupt not only my travel plans but also my income.

A major source of income for vloggers are YouTube ads, brands, and affiliate marketing. But with the pandemic on the move, businesses stand still and there isn’t much money to be made. The travel and tourism industries around the world have been hit, leaving millions jobless.

You always take some risk while making money from social media and blogging. It can be constant, but never unique. But right now we are in an unpredictable situation. As a travel vlogger, I’m hardly at home and enjoyed spending this time with my family and myself. I decided to focus on my health and work plan.

When the lockdown was announced, I took a week off to plan my next steps and come up with ideas on how to stay connected with my subscribers. My only motto is that the show has to go on and everything else will fit together. I took this quarantine as a challenge.

After taking about a week off, I decided to challenge myself to upload 21 vlogs in 21 days as a motivational factor. Not only would this bring my subscribers closer to me, but it would also create a sense of tension as they would not know what to expect next.

The challenge was more for me than for my audience. I picked it up by adding a fun element for playing indoor games and encouraging my viewers to play them too. I started recording daily chores like cleaning, grocery shopping, and talking to friends. However, there was a risk that the audience would not like such videos. To my surprise, not only did they love the videos, but I’d never gained so many subscribers in 21 days.

We are all sitting at home. So it’s pretty obvious that we spend twice as much time on our phones looking for the next conversation. As a vlogger, our biggest dilemma is which part of our life to reveal next.

Roy T. Bennett rightly said, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone. Change begins at the end of your comfort zone. “That is absolutely true. In the four years of my YouTube trip, I have never seen such growth in my subscribers and views of my travel videos which is the core of my channel. So go through it to grow through it.

When all of this ends and we can travel freely again, I hope I can continue to connect with my audience as I have done for the past few months. It was exciting to share the “home-life” side of the world of travel blogging and I love the relationships and bonds we build during this time!

– – Mohammed Salim Khan,
Travel blogger

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