The Finest Travel Blogs for Publish-Pandemic Inspiration

With studies suggesting that travel can improve your phycological and physical wellbeing, packing a suitcase and boarding a plane for a new destination is no longer just an exciting thing, it’s useful and educational too. an opportunity to gain new experiences, meet new people, learn about culture, languages ​​and a form of independence.

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Maybe right now you’re itching to be back out there and see the world. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the plans you had to abandon before the coronavirus pandemic turned everything upside down. You could be a first-time traveler, a solo traveler, someone who knows their way around airplane jumping, maybe even a nomad traveler, or someone who doesn’t consider any place home …

Whatever your status, congratulations, this is an exciting chapter in your life, and one that you could make even smoother with some insights from other like-minded souls. Travel blogs have come a long way since the blogosphere began. Many novice bloggers have developed into leading journalists in their field, others into important media platforms of their own. It is a long way from the beginnings of the blog-by-number “Write an essay for me”. For those looking for inspiration for pandemic travel, breaking through the plethora of options can be difficult.

The following guides, blogs, platforms, and curated online sources are some of the best in the field. This is a great way to save time and stress when you arrive and discover some fabulous earthly gems along the way.

Best travel blogs for post-pandemic inspiration


Trippin: Starting out as a Facebook page, Trippin is an independent platform that connects travel, culture and creativity, combining guides and experiences that are at the intersection of social and cultural boundaries. Proponents of global creativity connect through the eyes of local people with cultures around the world. This is a travel platform supported by the global community that helps people travel more purposefully.

Best travel blogs for post-pandemic inspiration

The traveler

The voyageur: The Voyageur is a travel blog with a wide selection of destinations, itineraries, food suggestions and cultural options, founded and run by French creative director, style consultant, photographer and blogger Pauline Chardin. As a visual guide, this is the result of Chardin’s weak spot for travel and good design, the Paris-based written comment on the blog: “This is where you can discover or rediscover little corners of the world that feel unique, inspiring and surprising. “So flip through and get ready to be woken up.

Best travel blogs for post-pandemic inspiration

On the grid

On the grid: More of an urban than a beach traveler? Would you rather discover the real core of a city, its vibrant neighborhoods, the locals who populate it, the places that make it what it is? Do you want to reach the heart and soul of your goal? On the Grid is one for you if so; A detour from many traditional travel blogs.

Curated by designers from around the world, these guys don’t produce guidebooks for the average tourist dodging sticky souvenir shops and overrated hoods, but instead introduce their readers to neighborhoods where contemporary art and culture flourish and tolerance is celebrated. Offering 534 neighborhoods in 114+ cities (and growing), On the Grid is a guide that is guaranteed to have you covered. As you dig deep into post-pandemic travel, ask this comprehensive, culture-conscious guide: Will you do my homework for me? It probably already has.

Best travel blogs for post-pandemic inspiration

Melt the butter

Melt butter: Melting Butter creates curated city guides for the sophisticated traveler and is an online resource with locations, experiences and recommendations. This group was founded by Jenny Nguyen, who is supported by a variety of international flavor makers. She is passionate about recommending the best food, fashion, art, design, and music experiences to her readers in her cities and beyond. With more goals than you can imagine, you will have a hard time finding nothing of value here.

Best travel blogs for post-pandemic inspiration

Jungle in Paris

Jungle in Paris: Jungles in Paris is a travel blog that we should all pay special attention to, especially after taking a break from traveling in 2020 and 2020. We explore the planet earth in all its colorful diversity with a special focus on nature, culture, roots and place giving our planet time to heal a little.

The aim of this website is to prioritize the local, endemic, ancient, and meaningful, celebratory topics – both humans and non-humans – that are often at risk of extinction in a globalized, growth-driven 21st century. A reminder of all that, despite the joy of traveling, we have to learn to enjoy it more consciously and respectfully. With so much content flooding the web today, the quality of the writing has naturally deteriorated – sites like SpeedyPaper check this out – Jungles in Paris is refreshingly well researched, compiled and written, a great example of what a travel blog should be doing in 2020.

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