The Finest Travel-Themed Coloring Books So You Can Create Your Personal (Illustrated) Trip

Coloring books are no longer just for kids and have been shown to reduce stress. So why not travel the world with illustrations?

There’s a reason coloring is so popular with kids and now it’s back with adults. You don’t fool anyone … Everyone knows that nothing is nearly as satisfying as a new box of colored pencils or crayons and a perfectly colored book page. The question is how can we use all of this good color energy for travel?

While companies like Airbnb offer virtual classes and some national parks even offer virtual walking tours through their websites or YouTube, coloring is another way avid travelers can indulge their wanderlust. It will definitely not be the same as flying halfway around the world, but to a certain extent it will be a reminder of all the places you have been to and all the sights you have yet to explore. If nothing else, it will remind them of how wonderful, rewarding, and liberating travel can be, if only for the time the crayon is in their hand. Coloring books like this one are also a great gift for those who are currently planning to travel but cannot do so, especially if there is a specific location or method of travel, such as going to the city center. B. Road trips that appeal to you on a deep soul level.

Around the world on 50 pages

Coloring Tokyo from around the world in 50 pages coloring bookvia YouTube

From a painting standpoint, a coloring book doesn’t get much more professional or robust than this one. The pages are tied together with a metal spiral binding that makes it easy to switch from one image to the next. The paper itself is thick and allows for a variety of media depending on what the artist chooses. In terms of travel-related photos, it introduces the world’s most popular landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, Time Square, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, St. Mark’s Square, and the Great Wall of China. The front and back of the book are bound and the pages are perforated. If you really love a photo, then you can pull it out and view it.

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Roadside landmarks

the roadside landmarks coloring bookvia Wagon Pilot Adventures

An important part of a road trip is stopping to appreciate all of the roadside attractions along the way. With this coloring book, you don’t have to pay for gasoline or get in the car (unless you really want to paint from the front seat). . For just ten dollars, this coloring book features the best (and sometimes weirdest) roadside attractions in the United States. Maybe you’re someone who has always wanted to visit the US but never got a chance, or you’re someone interested in road trips and its attractions – either way, this coloring book is definitely worth the commitment.

Fantastic cities

the fantastic cities coloring bookvia Amazon

This is an intricate coloring book that is great for those who appreciate architecture and the angles, details, and straight lines of a city. There are many rooms and many possibilities to make a city monotonous and futuristic or colorful and bright. Either way, it’s a fun way to design your own vacation or create one from memory of your favorite city. These pages also match a typical aerial view of a city, which makes them both lifelike and intricate.

Sketches from the south of France

the sketches from the south of france coloring bookvia Amazon

Sketches from the South of France is a unique coloring book as it was created by Wendy Dewar Hughes who lived in the South of France, and the sketches are memories of her favorite places there. Hence, in addition to being true to life, these detailed pages are personal and intimate, almost like having a chance to colorize the memories of a place that you have not yet visited (or maybe you have been lucky to visit). The sketches are beautiful and romantic, and give a glimpse into the local side of exploring the south of France.

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Amazing architecture Italy

the amazing architecture italy coloring bookvia

It’s no secret that Italy is home to some of the most incredible architecture in the world. Much of this has remained unchanged over the years, making the country – Rome in particular – an incredibly popular travel destination. This adult coloring book was created by famous artist Rita Collins, who personalized this beautifully illustrated depiction of Italy’s greatest historical landmarks. This coloring book introduces the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Cathedral of Genoa and the Borghese Gallery. Each page is one-sided so the colors don’t bleed through to the pages behind, and artists can use their own choice of artistic medium to fill in each photo with their own creative touch or the historical realism of each destination.

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