The Shades of the Sahara Characteristic in New Travel by Color Book

The world is full of bright, lively, and eye-catching destinations that can literally and figuratively make any trip a colorful experience. With that in mind, Lonely Planet is proud to celebrate it in a brand new book called Travel by Color, the first and only travel guide by color palette that features 400 stunning photos of amazing destinations and events in all different colors. In addition to camels and water, clothing is an essential detail for the Tuareg to cross the Sahara, and over time indigo blue has emerged as a popular choice for day-loving turbans and veils. The headgear protects the wearer from wind, sun and sand and is exclusive to Tuareg men when they reach maturity. There are many opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in experiences across the Sahara, each one proving to be a rewarding and unique experience in itself.


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