Tibetans with a sound visa can now enter India.

With India clearing itself of the coronavirus and travel slowly starting, the Ministry of the Interior (MHA) will now allow Tibetan migrants to return to India from overseas and they will be able to enter through any of the 107 immigration checkpoints.

The new rule comes after months of international border closings announced by the Indian PMO on March 23.

In its most recent appointment, the MHA allows Tibetans with a valid identity certificate and return visa to enter India from abroad. It was also stated that returnees can only do so if they have registered with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

According to the FRRO order, “Your return visa must be restored with immediate effect to facilitate your entry into India. However, if the validity of such visas has expired, they can obtain a new return visa from the Indian missions / agencies concerned. “

The rule comes after foreigners from the US, UK, Germany and France were allowed to enter India for business, medical and professional reasons on August 7, and foreign journalists and relatives were allowed to enter later in August.

India has slowly opened its borders, but other international commercial flights are not allowed to operate other than the countries where the bubble has been closed. With the second wave of coronavirus expected to fall globally, it is probably better not to allow international commercial flights for a few more months.

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