Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Particular 13 Restarting from Spring 2021!

Announcement of new dates for the 12 projects that have been postponed

T.okyo, Japan – Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), organizers of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13, are pleased to announce that a new schedule has been set for the 12 proposed projects. The implementation of these projects had been delayed due to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL

The Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13, consisting of thirteen projects selected from 2,436 proposals from applicants from Japan and abroad, was launched in September 2019. However, most of the projects that were planned for the period between April and September 2020 had to be postponed.

Fortunately, this initiative, which aims to promote Tokyo as a city of art and culture during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, will see a fresh start from spring 2021. Due to the postponement, there will be some changes in the program. The relaunch of the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13 will take place at various locations in Tokyo. The projects are rich in creativity and cover different genres. They are full of attitude to accept challenges in order to open up possibilities for the future. Come and feel Tokyo’s unmistakable charm as a city of art and culture.

Tokyo Tokyo Festival 2021Tokyo Tokyo Festival 2021

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13

The new schedule for the postponed projects (listed in Japanese alphabetical order) * tentative:

The permanent gardener
Planned by: Jason Bruges Studio (UK)
Planned for: summer 2021

SUMIDA RIVER | storm and stress
Planned for: spring, summer 2021

World Performing Arts Festival 2020 [New project title TBA]
Planned by: Japan Folk Performing Arts Association
Planned for: summer 2021

Scheduled for: March – August 2021
(Performed at five locations in 2019. Performance without spectators, recorded in September 2020)

TOKYO SENTO Festival 2020
Planned by: TOKYO SENTO Festival 2020 Executive Committee
Scheduled for: (Wed) May 26th – (Sun) September 5th, 2021

Planned by: NPO Dance Archive Network
Planned for: spring 2021

Tokyo 2020 Pavilion
Planned by: Pavilion Tokyo 2020 Executive Committee
Scheduled for: (Thu) July 1 – (Sun) September 5, 2021

The speed of light
Planned by: Marco Canale (Argentina)
Scheduled for: May 2021

Diversity dance after school
Planned by: ADD Executive Committee
Scheduled for: January – August 2021
(Workshops from September 2019, restart from January 2021.)

Planned by: [mé]
Planned for: summer 2021

Exhibition by MANGA “What if Tokyo”
Planned by: Exhibition of the MANGA Executive Committee “What if Tokyo”
Planned for: summer 2021

Secret project
Planned by: TBA
Planned for: TBA

NB The light and sound installation “Coded Field” planned by Rhizomatiks took place on (Sat) November 16, 2019.

About Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL is an initiative that is developing a variety of cultural programs in the run-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo and promoting its attractiveness as a city of the arts and culture.
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