Travellers can book inward flights earlier than clearance

(CNS): Officials at the new agency dealing with incoming travelers have released details of the development process for those wishing to enter the Cayman Islands during this first phase of the border reopening. It now appears that the approved traveler list can book flights before they are approved by the TravelCayman team, as the number of seats available each month and the quarantine faculties are merged.

The confusing system transition doesn’t seem to be going well. It has been described as messy and shambolic by those who try to use it, with people receiving a catalog of mixed messages or no information at all. However, on Wednesday officials said the phone lines had already been cleared and cases were being processed. The finishing touches were also made to the new online application portal.

Cayman authorities have undoubtedly handled the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and containment so well that our community is believed to be COVID-19 free. This success has made the reopening process all the more difficult given the situation in the countries from which most of the returnees to Cayman come from.

While the government described the latest change as reopening the border, authorities continue to stress that travel to and from Cayman should only be essential travel.

Only Caimans, permanent and other lawful residents, work permit holders, property owners and people with direct family ties to these groups are allowed to return to Caiman.

In a document outlining the new process, officials indicated that people in these groups would have to choose one of the processes Three quarantine options. First, the fully secured state quarantine facilities at Wyndham Resort in the East End or the Holiday Inn in George Town, which are free for Caimans and permanent residents.

Everyone can choose the second choice paid for secure facilities at Matthews Residence, Palm Heights, Sunshine Suites or the Ritz-Carlton. These facilities cost between CI $ 1,850 and CI $ 9,000 for the two-week quarantine.

The third option is isolation in a dormitory using a geofencing tag, which means that all members of a household are quarantined together and everyone has to agree to the terms. This option is currently free, but this may change in the future. The government has indicated that non-Caimans or non-residents could charge around $ 200 per person.

In a detailed document, officials outlined the current process, highlighting key changes to flights and permits, as well as the need for travelers to ensure that they qualify and meet the criteria for return.

Travelers can book inbound flights directly with the approved airlines Cayman Airways and British Airways. All travelers must be approved prior to entry and ensure that they qualify. However, you do not need a letter of approval to book a flight from La Ceiba, Honduras. Kingston, Jamaica; or Miami, Florida with CAL or London with BA flight.

TravelCayman will focus on ensuring that the quarantine options and surveillance technology options match the incoming inbound seats. The team also confirmed that applications are processed on a weekly basis. All travel applicants are requested not to call unless they are traveling to Cayman this month.

A new online portal is currently being developed which, according to official information, will reduce the need to call the Travel Cayman team and contact them via email. The new portal will be launched in the coming days. This allows travelers to select quarantine arrangements and submit travel plans online without the need for manual responses to each request.

See the full document below and look here More travel information.

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