Vacation-makers overlooked of pocket over cancelled journeys this 12 months

Sarah and Tony

People from the Black Country lost on several public holidays this year due to national lockdowns and tightened travel restrictions for Covid-19.

And they face greater dismay over the second lockdown, which begins Thursday. Some travelers say they have lost confidence in booking vacations as a whole.

Michelle Burrows, 52, of Tipton, was due to fly to America in March after booking tickets to visit Wrestlemania as a Christmas present for her 23-year-old son George.

This was the first in a series of holidays canceled for the family in 2020 in what she described as a “nightmare” year.

She lost £ 300 insurance money on that vacation that they also wanted to visit Disneyland, despite never getting on a plane.

“We were booked and ready to fly to Florida for two weeks on March 27,” she said

“That was canceled a few days before departure.

“Then we booked a vacation for April. We left on April 27th, the day after my husband’s birthday.

“We were in Weymouth for a week. That was with my uncle who runs a club over 50. We had booked this a year earlier so it was canceled. That was rearranged for September and it was canceled again.

“We had a turkey tinsel break on November 24th, but because of the suspension that was canceled.”

They have a similar holiday nightmare for Andrew Smith, 29, from Willenhall and his partner Kayleigh Gough, 26.

The couple lost £ 900 on a canceled two-week vacation in Orlando, Florida in September, while numerous breaks were also canceled that year.

“The Orlando was for my birthday partner,” he said. “We saved 18 months but when we found out it was canceled it was disheartening.

“We’re getting to a point where no matter what we book, we feel like it’s just being canceled anyway.

“We have lost the confidence to go on vacation now.”

The couple also had to cancel a vacation to Wales and a planned trip to Nottingham in November for Mr Smith’s 30th birthday.

He continued, “I lost a little money. I lost the one in Orlando, I think 900 pounds, that was a real kick in the teeth.

We wanted to go to Wales too. My partner’s parents have a trailer there. We wanted to go there for a weekend but found out two days earlier that Wales was locked on site.

“We couldn’t go there either, so we felt a bit cursed.”

Sarah Heathcock, 40, from Dudley and her husband Mark, 50, lost three vacations abroad this year.

Sarah and Tony

This included plans to see England at the euro soccer tournament this summer, which has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms. Heathcock said: “I have had some vacation [cancelled] this year. It started when Thomas Cook went broke earlier this year. I lost a vacation there.

“In April, when the suspension started, I lost a vacation in Mallorca. Then we were supposed to go to Budapest at the end of May, but that was canceled.

“And then, because we’re football fans, we got tickets for the euro, so we went to the away games.

“We couldn’t go to any of these either. They were scattered in different countries.

“I canceled one in Fuerteventura, which was next week, then I canceled another one that was for November 30th.

“Then I have one for Jamaica in January so that it will most likely not continue.”

She added, “We have lost faith in traveling. We are a little doubtful about booking something.

“You won’t be sure about anything as everything can change overnight. So we won’t be booking in a hurry.”

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